Pictured above: Erik “Skitch” Matson and Jess Winderweedle join podcast host James Lee and former co-host Kaitlynn Deal on a video podcast episode about starting new, creative ministries. Photo by Josh Kinney

GNJ Podcast Reaches Across Denomination, Female Co-Host Sought

February 2, 2018 | | GNJ News

NEPTUNE – Are you listening? The Uncovered Dish Christian Leadership Podcast of Greater New Jersey is resounding across the denomination. Pastor Olu Brown of Impact Church in Atlanta, a large, multicultural United Methodist congregation committed to sharing Christ’s love, reached out to Visual Arts Manager and podcast co-host and founder James Lee to say, “I really love listening.”

“You have such a great show, and I am quite fond of tuning in,” said Brown. “The show is great and I am really looking forward to your next episode.”

Brown specifically praised the “Political Divide and Church Unity” episode featuring Rev. Chuck Mitchell of Delanco UMC and Rev. Lyssette Perez of the UMC of the Rockaways.

Brown was invited to speak on the podcast and was featured in a recent episode. Additionally, Lee was invited to speak on Impact Church’s podcast.

The GNJ ministry podcast was launched in Fall 2016 as a tool designed specifically for GNJ leaders. However, the soundwaves are echoing across the nation as many Christian leaders have tuned in.

“Podcasting was something we wanted to do for quite some time,” said Lee. “As we moved into the Mission and Resource Center, we built into our media and productions studio the capacity to produce a podcast.”

Dubbed “The Uncovered Dish” the podcast name plays off the beloved United Methodist tradition of a covered dish supper. Primarily centered on leadership, each episode covers a variety of themes. From church vitality, small groups, making new disciples, and worship, to interviews with various GNJ pastors, and local and statewide community leaders outside the church with valuable experience. Additionally, the podcast serves to cover and promote events within GNJ and some episodes have been featured as video podcasts.

Seeking Female Co-Host

The Uncovered Dish is actively seeking a new female co-host for 2018 to join Lee on-air. Anyone interested in joining the conversation and learning more about the world of Christian leadership and podcasting should contact James Lee at jlee@gnjumc.org

“A good host is someone who makes the audience feel included in the hangout and facilitates the conversation in a way that produces great content,” Lee said. “We want to create a podcast that serves and inspires pastors.”

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