GNJ Directors of Resourcing are now Associate Superintendents

January 2, 2024 | | GNJ News

The Greater New Jersey Conference’s Directors of Resourcing have a new title to manifest their broader ministry support responsibilities. The Revs. Kate Monahan, Sammy Arroyo, Gina Yeske and Juel Nelson are now Associate Superintendents, as of January 1. Juel Nelson will continue to serve also as GNJ’s Director of Leadership Development.

This updating of titles should better reflect the changing mission and leadership roles of these GNJ staff members. Much like the relationship associate pastors have with lead pastors in serving local churches, Directors of Resourcing have supported District Superintendents at the district and regional levels to recruit and develop transformational leaders and grow vital congregations.

This update is a change only in job title, not in job description, said Human Resources Director Jay Kim. It is simply a reflection of the valuable, multifaceted role these resourceful leaders already play in supporting District Superintendents and advancing GNJ’s strategic goals at the regional level.

Read the Associate Superintendent’s job description: GNJ Associate Superintendent Job Description-2024

The Eastern PA Conference will also add two Associate Superintendents to its staff this year and is now considering applicants for those positions.