Bread of Stone will be performing at IGNITE 2018. Photo provided

Get out of Your Comfort Zone with Bread of Stone at IGNITE

September 4, 2018 | | GNJ News, Next Generation Ministries

WILDWOOD – “There is something to be said about events like IGNITE,” said Ben Kristijanto. “They bring people together and take everyone out of their comfort zone for one unified purpose. Together, we can change the world! Are you a world changer?”

Neither Ben nor Bill knew how to play any instruments or sing for that matter, but through the guidance of the Lord they began to learn how. Their band, Bread of Stone, is a contemporary Christian rock and pop rock band from Sioux City, Iowa, formed in 2004. Their members are lead vocalist, Ben Kristijanto, guitarist, Bill Kristijanto, bass guitarist, Tim Barnes and drummer, Jason Ferris. The band began back in the early 2000s by what they describe as “a simple calling.” They’re taking that calling to the 2018 IGNITE stage in Wildwood, Sept. 28-30.

“The Lord spoke through Bill and Ben’s dad many years ago when their dad shared with them at dinner one night, ‘The Lord wants you boys to start a music ministry’” said Barnes. In 2004, the boys officially named their band ‘Bread of Stone.’

Many musicians say the thrill of performing or the love they have for their music is what drives them to the stage. But for Bread of Stone, they love their fans and sharing stories with them.

“The best part about performing is getting to interact with the fans on stage and afterwards. We love hearing testimonies and stories of their life – it always blesses our hearts. We definitely look forward to talking and sharing with our fans,” the band explained. They believe that is what music is really about, sharing testimonies and what’s impacted your life while using the medium to influence the world around you.

Bread of Stone believes in taking their career one day at a time saying, “We just take it day by day and just try to follow the Lord’s lead with decisions that have to be made.” They follow God’s plan and realize that “if it’s meant to be, then it will be.”

Freedom is the message Bread of Stone wants to convey at this year’s IGNITE youth conference.

“Recently our message is declaring freedom over our lives and in the lives of the crowd we are playing for,” stated Ferris. “Declaring that there is freedom over any situation you may find yourself in – our God has already won and is living proof of freedom.”

Their message of freedom shows that through God anything is possible and there’s freedom to choose one’s path.

“God gives you great and plentiful opportunities to succeed in life, the choice is yours, just follow him and he will lead you,” said Barnes.

The band hopes that everyone at IGNITE will leave knowing Jesus better and understanding their freedom.

“We hope that we all (band included) come away from this conference with knowing Jesus more deeply than we ever could have imagined and realizing the magnificent art of learning how to let go of ourselves more and more so that Jesus can have all of us with nothing holding us back,” Barnes explained.

The band believes that the importance of events such as IGNITE are paramount; helping youth leaders, kids, pastors and church members celebrate Jesus in their lives.

“There is something special about getting away from your comfort zone for a couple of days and immersing yourself in an environment that is all about falling more in love with Jesus. This gives everyone involved the opportunity to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord – or maybe meet Him for the first time,” stated Ferris.

This year’s IGNITE slogan is “World Changers” with a goal of inspiring youth to change the world and celebrate Jesus.

“This is a life changing event that we love getting to be a part of.  Conferences such as IGNITE do not just impact our hearts for a few days, but for eternity,” said Barnes.

Bread of Stone will soon be releasing new songs. To follow them or hear news and updates, visit or follow them on social media.

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