Family Ministries Pastor – St. Andrew UMC Cherry Hill

June 15, 2023 | Job Opportunities

Reports to: Lead Pastor and SPRC

Salary and Benefits: $20,000/year
Salary increase is dependent upon job performance and budgetary constraints.
The position does not include any health or pension benefits.
Both salary and hourly employees receive their pay every other Friday.

Working Commitment: 20-25 hours per week
During peak seasons (Lent, Advent, VBS, etc.) more availability will be needed. Vacation, Holidays, Sick Days: Two weeks paid vacation. Also accumulated sick time per NJ sick policy.


  • Minimum year and a half of Graduate School.
  • Previous ministry experience highly considered.
  • A love of working with teens, kids, and families.
  • Be willing to have a background check done and regular Safe Sanctuary checks.
  • Evaluation: Annual review by Senior Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee each fall.
  • Interim evaluations may be used by the Senior Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee to identify strengths, weaknesses, and growth areas and develop a plan of action to improve

Termination: This is considered an employment at will position. Two weeks’ notice upon the employee’s decision to terminate the employment would be appreciated so that the employer may start the process of locating a replacement. Similarly, we will attempt to give the employee two weeks’ notice prior to termination.

Purpose: To help the growth of the family ministries of St. Andrew’s UMC. This position strives to help growth in the areas of: Youth Ministry, Christian Education, spirituality, and events for families.

Additional Comments: Churches are exempt from paying into NJ State Unemployment and Disability, therefore, salary and hourly employees of the church do not qualify for any of these benefits.

Principle Goals, Responsibilities and Duties
Performs all duties as the Family Ministries Pastor – See Below:

  1. Help develop the Sunday school program of the church. This can be done through: obtaining volunteers, ordering Sunday school materials, placing in substitutes when needed, and other
    responsibilities of leading a Sunday school program.
  2. Planning family events throughout the year. As the church strives to grow younger, one way to do
    this is to have events for families and the community. Planning different events through the year for
    both church and community.
  3. Leading the Youth Ministry and working with the volunteers that are present.
  4. Assist with leading of worship (announcements, etc.)
  5. Potentially fill in for Lead Pastor for preaching when they are on vacation.
  6. Connecting and maintaining a good relationship with the Nursery School here at the church.
  7. Connecting with the community.
  8. Potentially plans retreats for different members and interests of church.
  9. Agree to follow the policies of St. Andrew’s UMC including Safe Sanctuary and others.

if interested in this position, please contact:
Rev. Josh Shuster
Lead Pastor
Saint Andrew’s United Methodist Church
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 429-4469