EVIDENCE that God is Good

April 19, 2022 | | Deepen Faith, GNJ News, NEWSpirit

As a creative, I’ve always envisioned a physical “place” in my mind to talk to God. I tend to mentally go there when I’m feeling sad, angry, happy, excited, or sometimes in need of comfort. This is my safe place, my sanctuary to pray.  

At any event when prayer requests are asked for, I have never been known to be shy with sharing. I believe in the fellowship of sharing your heart and mind… and joining together to lift our prayer requests before our Savior. Prayer is SO powerful, and there is true comfort in knowing you are not alone in prayer.  

 In the same mindset, it’s important to share our PRAISE, proclaiming the goodness of God. Whether I’m in a season of waiting or reflecting on God’s faithfulness to answered prayer, I’m always drawn back to that place in my mind. I find God in my visual mind space, in a field of rolling hills, blue skies, and endless, golden sunshine. It is there, where I sing and shout of all the good things God has done.  

 I invite you to join me in the power of prayer and praise! In the following monthly issues of The Relay, we will share prayer requests and praises together as GNJ. No matter the role you play in the conference, whether you are wishing to share anonymously or comfortable to share your name… it’s time to come together.  

Let’s share together of the EVIDENCE of God all over our lives. 

  All prayer requests and stories of praise should be submitted directly to Meg Sizemore, Communications Manager, at msizemore@gnjumc.org