Essential Actions and Updates for Oct 20

October 20, 2020 | COVID-19, Essential Actions

Dear Clergy and Congregational Leaders,

As we head into the final months of 2020, there continues to be important new information for our ministry together. The following are the essential actions and information for this week:

1. Survey – Lead Pastors of all Congregations
There will be three surveys between now and the end of the year to assess COVID-19 response and needs. There are significantly fewer questions than previous COVID-19 surveys and every congregation is to complete the survey so that the cabinet and GNJ leaders can assess the next steps we take in ministry together. The survey will remain open until Tuesday, October 27, and we expect all congregations to participate. Click here for the survey.

2. Boys Scouts – All Lead Pastors, Church Council Chairpersons and Board of Trustees Chairpersons
The Boy Scouts of America are filing for bankruptcy and as a result any church who has chartered a Boy Scout Troop or Pack may face liability for a claim filed against the Troop or Pack hosted in your church building. To help protect our congregations, we need all congregations to indicate if they have or have not charted Boy Scout Troops or other Boy Scout Packs at any time since 1970. You may find more information and FAQs about this matter here. If you are unsure if your congregation has chartered a Boy Scout Troop or Pack, please review church records and talk to long time members. Please complete the brief tracking form here by October 30.

3. PPP Forgiveness – All Lead Pastors, Finance Chairpersons and Treasurers
Congregations who received loans from the CARES Act (PPP) should be working now with their banks to complete the loan forgiveness application. Information can be found here. If you need assistance completing your loan assistance application, please email

Thank you for your ministry and leadership.

In Christ,

GNJ Leadership

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