Essential Actions And Updates For Dec 30

January 5, 2021 | COVID-19, Essential Actions

Dear Clergy and Congregational Leaders,

Blessings as we prepare to enter into a New Year. Thank you for your ministry and service to God, the church and the world during 2020.

The following are two essential actions and information for this week concerning Epiphany worship and the second round of PPP program.

1. Renewal Services for Epiphany with Small Groups and Communion – Pastors, Worship Leaders and Small Group Leaders
To assist pastors in taking a renewal leave, Bishop Schol and the cabinet have prepared two worship services, one for January 3 and one for January 10. Bishop Schol will preach at both services. Each service will have versions for Spanish, Korean and English languages. You may find more information at

2. Second Round of PPP Funding – Pastors, Treasurers and Finance Chairperson  
Congress has passed a second round of PPP funding and again churches are included with this new round. In the first round GNJ, its congregations and ministries received more than $8 million.  The Small Business Administration will be issuing guidance on the application process in the next 10 days and GNJ will keep you informed, but you should plan now to be ready to apply as soon as the application process is open.  All congregations are strongly encouraged to apply and GNJ will be resourcing congregations as they did earlier in 2020. For information on key provisions of this new funding, visit our web pages here.

In Christ,
GNJ Leadership