Collaboration between First UMC Bridgeton's "Bridges of Growth" and the Birdgeton "Youth to Youth" programs created a DIVA tea for Mother's Day. Photo provided

DIVA Tea Time at First UMC, Bridgeton

June 6, 2017 | | GNJ News

BRIDGETON – Recently the United Methodist “Bridges of Growth” after school program partnered with Bridgeton City Municipal Alliance’s “Bridgeton Youth to Youth” program under the leadership of Administrator Karen Barnett. Pastor John Randall of First UMC and Board Member of Bridges of Growth, along with Program Director Levi Feeney and Bridgeton’s CSW Director Karen Barnett, collaborated on an event labeled “Diva Tea Time.”

The program was designed as a Mother’s Day event where children of the Bridges of Growth program and various others in the community came together with their parents, enjoyed an afternoon of dressing up, participating in activities, taking professional portraits, and more.

Bridgeton “Youth to Youth” students assisted the younger children with activities and crafts made for their mothers and surrogate mother in their lives. Prizes and giveaways were presented. Immediately following the social discussions, each group took professional portraits.

The Director of Bridges of Growth said, “I’m honored that we were able to partner with the City of Bridgeton for an activity such as this.” I’m honored that Pastor John Randall and First UMC offered the facility to help our children grow in grace. The program continually builds partnerships with various agencies, individuals, and offers a wide arrange of new possibilities for the future of youth.

“We have lots of new innovative ideas and partnerships to follow,” said Feeney. “I’m extremely grateful for the entire Board of Director’s of Bridges of Growth for continual outstanding support as well. Teamwork makes the dream work.”