Director of Congregational Care, Trinity UMC (Hackettstown)

June 5, 2024 | Job Opportunities

TITLE: Director of Congregational Care

RELATIONSHIPS: The Director of Congregational Care will work in a team environment
with a team of pastors and lay persons in a multi-faceted suburban church. This position is not
appointed by the Bishop and will be overseen by the Lead Pastor.

HOURS: 20 hours a week.

DAYS: Preferably Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; will be finalized in consultation with
the Lead Pastor.

IN ADDITION: Director of Congregational Care will worship with the congregation regularly
(no less two services a month)

QUALIFICATIONS: It is hoped that the candidate will be trained in areas of care (pastoral,
licensed, certified, CLM, etc.) The candidate needs to possess a natural care for persons, have
excellent listening skills and a willingness to be proactive in communication and care.

DUTIES: The Director of Congregational Care will make a variety of personal visits and
phone visits with parishioners (of all ages) under the direction of the Lead Pastor. These will
include visits in hospitals, nursing homes, other institutions, funeral homes, and personal
homes. The nature of the visits will relate to the full spectrum of congregational care, such as
friendly connection visits, family crisis matters, visits related to births and deaths in the family,
prospective member visitation, and keeping a calendar of special events/surgeries/anniversaries
of church members etc. In any given week there may be as many as 20 contacts, calls or visits.

The Director of Congregational Care will also be responsible for oversight of the
Congregational Care team, its ministries and leaders, and quarterly CCT meetings.
Participation in the Bi-monthly A.S.K Team meetings and additional care ministry team
meetings as needed. Congregational Care Team includes but is not limited to: Edible Blessings,
Prayer and Healing Team/Services, Memorial Garden, ASK prayer teams, Special Care
Hospitality, and Greeting Card and Hope Bag ministries. Oversight and organization of the Lay
Visitation Team is also required. Monthly articles/updates to be given to the Connections

In addition to these duties, the Director of Congregational Care (if ordained or in process) will
have the occasional opportunity to conduct weddings, funerals and share in worship services if
he/she so chooses. These optional activities are understood to be above and beyond the 12 hours
per week of congregational care. Should the Director of Congregational Care choose to do any
counseling or spiritual direction (if qualified), it would be on a voluntary basis and not part of the
12 hour per week commitment.

The Director of Congregational Care will consult regularly with the Lead Pastor and make visits
in accordance with their mutually agreed upon priorities. Attendance at a weekly clergy staff
meeting and a monthly full staff meeting is required.
A criminal background check is required before employment begins, as is sign off on the church’s
Safe Sanctuaries Policy. In addition to the Lead pastor, the person is also accountable to the Lay
Personnel Ministry team. Attendance at LPMT and Church council may be requested in addition
to monthly written updates to Church Council.

OFFICE: There will be an office in the office building.

VACATION: In accordance with Trinity UMC Staff policies and procedures, vacations/sick
time/personal days will be given according to length of employment. All employees are given 2
weeks of vacation at the date of hire. Some other occasional absences may be arranged in what
will be a flexible work relationship.

STARTING DATE: July 1, 2024

COMPENSATION: $18,500/year

If interested, contact: Kari Anzel,