Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant – Calvary UMC Dumont (P/T)

December 3, 2021 | Job Opportunities

Reports To: Pastor, Primary Supervisor

Works With: Pastor, SPRC, Council, Payroll Company and Counters

Description of this Vital Team Member
This well-organized and flexible team member will work independently with minimal supervision, working an average of 24 hours per month. This position may allow for some remote working, but office hours will be required to file paperwork, pick up bills, work with other team members, etc. It is important for this team member to honor confidentiality with personal and confidential information.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Pay bills electronically on TD Bank and enter paid bills onto QuickBooks.
  • Enter deposits from Vanco onto QuickBooks.
  • Enter deposit of cash and checks each week (completed by counters) after deposited at TD Bank.
  • Modify Vanco reoccurring donations as requested by an individual.
  • Reconcile monthly and quarterly bank statements.
  • Provide monthly financial reports on Excel and QuickBooks to Council.
  • Work with Council and the Pastor to provide Conference reports, such as the budget, statistical report, audit and treasurer’s report for Charge Conference.
  • File finance related documents in the office, such as bills, Vanco and bank statements.
  • Meet with Council as necessary.
  • Maintain building lease files, making sure that all documents are current and compliant. Making sure all requirements are met such as insurance.
  • Maintain and notify Pastor and Council of lease dates for photocopier and subscription service dates such as CCLI and pest control, and maintenance services such as semi-annual gutter cleaning.
  • Submit timesheet of their hours to Pastor and SPRC Chairperson for approval prior to due date for payroll.
  • Receive pre-approval from Pastor (cc to SPRC Chairperson) if additional hours are required to finish project or job.
  • Print, mail and email Giving Statements when asked by Council and Pastor.
  • Produce 1099s to vendors, who meet criteria, at the end of the year.
  • Input hours for all employees to Payroll Company.
  • Maintain a neat and organized office area
  • Other tasks as assigned by Pastor


  • QuickBooks (desktop and non-profit version a plus).
  • Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Accounting – Accounts Receivables and Payables.
  • Payroll experience a plus.


  • Chosen candidate will need to pass a background check.
  • References.
  • Proof of eligibility to work, such as social security card and valid identification.

Pay: $15- $20 per hour

For more information or to apply, email