Bilingual choir seeks invitations to sing

April 9, 2024 |

Cantico Nuevo (New Song) Choir, an ecumenical, multicultural and bilingual music ministry directed by Jorge Lockward, seeks invitations to share its ministry. Cantico Nuevo is a nurturing ground for church leaders that supports the creation of local choirs, teaches singers, instrumentalists, liturgists and choir directors, and shares new congregational and choral repertoires.

“Since 2013 we have been performing Manos Indocumentadas (Undocumented Hands), a powerful biblical cantata on immigration written by Bishop Edith Alomar and Jorge Lockward,” said Maria Luisa García Toriac, president. “It exposes the struggles faced by undocumented Latin American immigrants living and working in the United States today.  It tells real stories of individuals caught in an unjust immigration system.  The cantata can be presented in Spanish or bilingually.”

Cantico Nuevo has performed in numerous churches and concert halls in New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area, serving as a diverse cross-section of Latinx people in many community events.  It has also toured throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

From visiting homes for the elderly, to providing workshops for local congregations, to representing the Latinx culture and spirit, Cantico Nuevo is eager to serve the community through ministry and solidarity with local congregations.

You can reach me Toriac at or 201-726-3850.