What is Nehemiah Properties?

Nehemiah Properties is a separate 501c3 nonprofit existing to help turn GNJ’s church buildings into financial and mission assets. Through the re-purposing, redevelopment, and or sale of properties, Nehemiah creates mission opportunities, sustainable use and regenerative income from these valuable resources owned by GNJ congregations.

Transformation Through Re-purposing

GNJ has more than 1,100 properties including churches, parsonages, fellowship halls and cemeteries.  Some of these properties housed closed churches and currently sit vacant. Others are historic facilities that are in disrepair. Still others are underused and yet sit in the midst of communities in desperate need for the love of Christ.

Nehemiah Properties helps GNJ congregations repurpose their most valuable financial resources to expand mission and make disciples to transform the world.


The process involves coordination with GNJ’s vital mission partners A Future With Hope and The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation of Greater New Jersey.  Once a church identifies a vision to repurpose their property, they can call on these highly skilled professionals to help guide the process to see their vision bear fruit.

A Future With Hope staff helps the congregation connect with the community to engage in mission needs and process, The Stewardship Foundation helps the congregation with financing and supporting the program through grants and fundraising and Nehemiah Properties will lead the redevelopment of the property working with architects, builders and permits.

When to Consider Repurposing

Vacancies due to building damages in excess of the current structures’ value, unoccupied buildings resulting from mergers, change in demographics or movement in communities, and buildings that would better serve mission in a community through a different, more cost effective and sustainable use are all potential reasons for considering repurposing a church.

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