Bishop John Schol

Resident Bishop

Bishop John Schol was consecrated a bishop in 2004 after 25 years of experience as a pastor, denominational executive and nonprofit executive director. He has led global initiatives, led the development of affordable housing, and grown congregations and ministries in each of his assignments. As a bishop he first led the Baltimore-Washington Conference where he led a turnaround of the conference toward health and vitality. In 2012 he was assigned to lead the United Methodists in Greater New Jersey. Bishop Schol has assisted church leaders in developing and implementing a strategic plan to create vital congregations. Already the conference has or is near achieving its 2018 goals. During his leadership, the conference created new resources for clergy and laity including coaching and cohort groups, and Team Vital, a comprehensive resource for congregations on the path to vitality. A Future With Hope nonprofit corporation was also started to respond to Superstorm Sandy and the United Methodists have repaired more than 256 homes and more than 11,000 volunteers from 48 states who donated nearly 300,000 hours of volunteer service and raised more than $17 million for this five year effort. He and his wife Beverly have three children and two grandchildren. Click here to view full bio.

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