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Who doesn’t want a fresh start, a clean slate? That is exactly what Jesus offers us; he gives us the chance to begin anew every single day. But this is no ordinary fresh start. When we say yes to God’s new beginning in our lives, we are saying yes to an adventure that will require courage, perseverance, and boldness. We are saying yes to having our world turned upside down and inside out. We are saying yes to being stirred up and to stirring things up. And one thing is for sure: this fresh start is so worth it. So, let’s make it count.

Fresh Start | Sermon Series

Week 1: Are You Sure You’re Up for This | Mark 8:27-38
“Taking up our crosses” to be disciples of Jesus means being willing to risk inconvenient demands on our time, lack of certainty, embarrassment, and sometimes even physical danger. But Jesus is the way to life, and he calls us to make fresh starts in faith. A fresh start requires courage, focus, and practice.

Week 2: Hens and Chicks | Luke 13:31-35
Jesus refused to be distracted from his divine mission by dangers or frustrations. We are called to follow his example of steadfast purpose in fulfilling our mission. A fresh start requires steadfast purpose and accepting God’s embrace.

Week 3: Ten Lepers. How Many Miracles? | Luke 17:11-19
Jesus has the power to change lives through God’s grace. Our own seemingly intractable flaws can be overcome, and we can change the world in response to the change offered to us. A fresh start begins with living in awe and gratitude of God’s gifts.

Week 4: Salvation in the House | Luke 19:1-10
A bold act of inclusion changed the life of Zacchaeus the tax collector as well as the whole community. How many lives can we transform if we really devote ourselves to inclusion? A fresh start requires being open to Jesus’ invitation to us as well as to those who are not valued in our community – the outcasts or the marginalized.

Fresh Start | Sermon Series Resources

  • Fresh Start Series Overview – Word | pdf
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  • Fresh Start Daily Scripture Readings – pdf
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  • Fresh Start Children’s Moment Resource – Word| pdf

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