Prayer to the Immigrant and Refugee

O One who hears the cries of your people in bondage;
The One who feels the terrors of the oppressed;
You sent your beloved children out to seek freedom as refugees.
The nations through which they traveled were full of fear.
Those nations lost your favor when they showed no compassion 
and closed they borders to Your people in need.
You would not let their holy prophets speak a curse upon them only blessings, 
causing rulers to rage.
We join our prayers with Yours most Compassionate and Merciful 
for immigrants and Refugees seeking a land of promise and peace.

Jesus, Refugee and Immigrant, hear our prayers for those like You:
For the children who cling tightly to their mothers for safety;
For the children who see the fear and determination in their father’s eyes as they seek for safety;
For the parents who watch their children suffer, hungry and cold.
You found a refuge where you could stay until the threat ended, 
grant these others the same mercy from us.
Forgive our fears.
Forgive our prejudices.
Forgive the hardness of our hearts.
Show us how to repent.
Keep us from sharing in fate of the rich young ruler,
when we turn slowly away from You, our richest blessing.

Refugee and Immigrant God, who came wanting to dwell among us.
Hear our prayers.  Amen.