You are called—chosen as disciples, leaders and congregations—to go into the community and the world to bear fruit. It is a powerful purpose for your life.

Recently the cabinets, our district superintendents, of EPA and GNJ spent three days together praying, worshiping and discerning about how they will lead both EPA and GNJ to understand and fulfill your calling and purpose. They did this with your help.

You were invited to complete a survey about the characteristics of a passionate disciple, a transformational leader and a vital Wesleyan congregation. Your input served as a basis for our conversation and discernment.

In that same survey, I asked you what my priorities should be at this time in the life of our church. You were very clear that there are five areas you want me to lead on at this time. These are the priorities in order of importance to you.

  1. Grow and extend the mission of the church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  2. Lead and support congregations to connect with the people in their community.
  3. Strengthen the health and vitality of congregations to be witnesses in the world.
  4. Assist churches in understanding and preparing for a separation in the denomination.
  5. Assist churches to navigate the pandemic.

Read more about the survey results and the three commitments of superintendents for their leadership in the report that may be found here.