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Survey Results Updated December 3, 2020

524 churches responded


Most effective technology for worship:

23% Zoom
50% Facebook
19% Youtube
9% Not using online technology

Average number of small groups online:  6
Average number of small groups in person:  2

26% of churches are using Breakthrough resources



Food Ministry

GNJ churches are providing  71,648 meals per month.


Year to date giving in GNJ churches

  • 39% The same (47% in July and 39% on April 30)
  • 8% Up (8% in July and 11% on April 30)
  • 54% Down (45% in July and 50% on April 30)

78% of congregations report they will meet their financial obligations this year.



466 people in GNJ churches have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last month.