Some conversations can be hard but are necessary. Rather than ignoring hard issues or engagement that is not satisfying and even dominating, what does it look like to have a conversation in which the goal is not winning and losing but deeper understanding and appreciation for your ideas and the ideas of others? The Circle Process is one way to have deep and meaningful conversations in which all participants honor God and one another.

In GNJ we believe healthy hard controversial conversations are essential to our health and growth as individuals and a church. We have trained facilitators who are ready to assist your congregation with these conversations.

All healthy conversations begin with questions that help us to reflect and look at issues from a variety of vantage points. In our present conflict about homosexuality, what are up to three questions you believe the church needs to discuss? Please list your questions here.

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Difficult conversations usually do not go well without a healthy process that includes sharing and listening. For the most difficult and conflictual conversations, we strongly recommend a trained outside facilitator. You can receive a facilitator by contacting Nicola Mulligan.

We are glad you are considering going deeper, wider and further in your faith and willing to consider having important conversations. Best of all, God is with us.

John Schol, Bishop
The United Methodist Church
Greater New Jersey