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Wespath's June 24 Webinar Recap

If you missed the June 24 webinar on the 2022 Updates to Health Benefits for GNJ, you can access a recording here and a Powerpoint presentation here.

Please also note that an ALEX Benefits Counselor for 2022 will be available in mid-September. Additional educational opportunities from Wespath and GNJ will be available this fall before annual election. In the meantime, if you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to the conference office staff.

HealthFlex/WebMD Site Shuts Down June 1

HealthFlex participants and spouses no longer have access to the HealthFlex/WebMD website beginning on June 1.

Instead, Wespath’s Benefits Access is now the home for your health and well-being information.

Benefits Access includes your HealthFlex plan details, shows your health account contributions and provides direct access to medical, dental and vision providers

Wespath encourages primary participants to register for Benefits Access and Virgin Pulse® to access all their health and well-being information in the same email.

Watch the Healthflex Training Video Here

  • Healthflex Exchange Training

    Healthflex Exchange Training

    This link has been created for Local Church Leadership. It is a HealthFlex Exchange Training for local churches to familiarize themselves with new billings they may see on their monthly statements (HSA, FSA, Dental, Vision) that they would need to deduct from pastor salaries going forward. The presentation also allows them to understand the plan structure that HealthFlex Participants now have access to through the HealthFlex Exchange. Updated: 12-1-20

Need Help Choosing a Plan?

Use ALEX, an new online tool to help choose and customize a plan according to your needs. Find out how to:

  • Compare HealthFlex plans – learn which plan(s)might cost you the least
  • Estimate out-of-pocket costs and how to make the most of reimbursement accounts

Log into your Healthflex Exchange account and get started with Alex! | Click here

Choosing a Plan

Understanding the 2021 HealthFlex Exchange

Information for those Approaching or in Retirement

HealthFlex Exchange Presentation Questions & Answers as of Oct 2020

For more information, please contact:

  • Alexa Taylor

  • Veronika Varga