5 Ways to Rethink Christmas Gifts

November 2, 2015 | | Stewardship | Tradition, Advent, stewardship, Christmas

So much money is spent on gifts each Christmas, yet how many gifts are really appreciated and, more importantly, how many are really needed? If you’re tired of giving and receiving the same old gifts for Christmas then rethink your wish list:

  1. Clothes: Instead of asking for new clothes to replace the ones that are perfectly fine, ask your spouse, parents, siblings, children, friends to buy clothes for someone in need.
  2. Food: Instead of asking for the “latest and greatest” new fad that will be outdated by June, ask that a gift be made in your name to a local food bank or overseas mission.
  3. Others: Give a gift in someone’s name that will truly make a difference in the lives of others. Check with your local church missions or outreach committees to explore the possibilities. The Advance Specials catalogue is a great place to pick out your “Christmas for Others” gifts.
  4. Traditions: Begin family traditions that emphasize sacrifice over consumption and giving over getting. Instead of it all being about you, make it about someone else.
  5. Match: If giving to others instead of your family and friends does not appeal to you then match the amount of money you spend on Christmas gifts this year and make a donation of that same amount to the ministries of your local church.

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