Leadership Academy offers 2 new Bible study courses led by Bishop Schol

June 12, 2024 |

The EPA&GNJ Leadership Academy features two new, in-depth Bible study courses in June, with discussions led by Bishop John Schol via Zoom. The courses are Gospel of Luke and Gospel of John.

Each course includes eight videos, pre-course assignments, helpful resources and questions for deeper reflection. The Teachable platform courses should be taken first, in preparation for the Zoom discussion sessions, which will be scheduled by Monday, June 17. Visit the Leadership Academy’s The Bible & Theology category.

About The Gospel of John and The Gospel of Luke

“In the beginning was the Word…” Grounded in the literature and life that emanates from God’s Word, The Bible and Theology focuses on how two timeless Gospels can help us to discover a deeper, more vibrant and relevant faith—a faith that can work wonders in our lives, our congregations and our communities.

The Gospel of John study delves into faith formation and the impact of understanding and belief, teaching, learning and practice. It includes guiding wisdom found in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and the awesome power and insight ever-present in the Word of God.

The Gospel of Luke study explores numerous themes—among them the body of Christ, the poor but also monied interests, women as servant leaders, our regard for Christian groups that are different from our own, and the birth, baptism and burdens in Jesus’ life, including his pivotal, sacrificial journey toward Jerusalem. The study’s questions will prompt readers to reflect on their own life journeys and seek inner wisdom found in the light of the Gospel.