What is the financial expectation for my local congregation?
Sacrificial giving – not equal commitment but equal sacrifice – everyone will give as they are able.

How much of our donation supports the Conference office?
None of your money will support the conference office; all of your donation goes directly to the mission programs.

What if we want more of our money to support our local mission?
For this campaign, the local church keeps 25% of all money raised for their local mission project.

What if our church is in the midst of a capital campaign?
Complete your important capital campaign work then launch the Mission Fund Campaign; your congregation will be ready to take on new challenges!

What if we can’t find a local mission project?
Contact our Carolyn Conover for ideas on finding a local Mission Fund project.

What if our local church is not ready for a campaign?
Review the manual which is available online www.gnjumc.org/missionfund; then Rebecca Nichols, our Mission Fund Field Coordinator, can assist you with a strategy for your local congregation.

Are there materials in languages other than English?
The Case Statement and the Commitment Card is available in Korean; the Commitment Card is available in Spanish.

Do you have more information on Sandy Recovery?
Look on the website: www.afuturewithhope.org

Do you have more information on Imagine NO Malaria?
Use their website: www.imaginenomalaria.org

Where do we send money and what forms do we use?

  • Checks are payable to Greater NJ Conference, and mailed to the conference office: 1001 Wickapecko Dr., Ocean NJ 07712
  • Report for Commitment Sunday: use the Tally Sheet, found on the resource page of the website
  • Submitting a remittance, use the Remittance Form, found on the website.

Why are we using yet another form?
Tracking, tracking, tracking – it is important to know where we are during this important work of the conference. Using the tally sheets and the remittance forms ensures that money coming into the conference office is recorded corrected and distributed as it was intended.

What is the difference between A Future with Hope and A Future with Hope Mission Fund Campaign?

  • While both of these titles signify the importance of a future with hope, A Future with Hope Inc. is the organization through which the Greater NJ UMC is working to rebuild homes and restore lives.  It is an organization with staff, board of directors and its own budget.
  • A Future with Hope Mission Fund Campaign is the conference-wide campaign to raise $12m in the next three years and give new hope to millions of people.  It will support Sandy Recovery, eliminating deaths from malaria in the sub-Sahara region of Africa, and fund local church mission projects.

Are there special envelopes for use in this campaign?

  • There are templates that a church can use to print their own envelopes for either use in making a pledge toward the campaign or for submitting a payment toward their pledge.
  • Some churches are creating and designing their own envelopes for use throughout the next three years.

We haven’t started our campaign but will be doing so soon; what do we do to get started?
Use the website: www.gnjumc.org/missionfund ; the pastor and the church campaign coordinator can review the manual and the materials together to determine the best use of these in your congregation.

We’re a small congregation….how can we do small groups?

  • Are there a group of parents waiting while their children participate in a church activity? Suggest that they can become a ‘small group’.
  • Perhaps there’s a group that gravitates toward one another during coffee hour? Suggest they form a study group.
  • Pick up on something already happening and put some structure around it.