Gospel Questions

This resource has been designed for use with local church leadership, Sunday School classes, small groups and among the ministry teams of the annual conference. Each section weaves together a study of the scriptures and a series of questions designed to get to the deeper questions of our faith. In addition, there are video links throughout this resource that will further your conversation and understanding. It is intended that this study will raise additional questions and call for deeper, on-going reflection and dialogue. To facilitate a broader perspective from across the annual conference, an on-line blog will be available to post questions, reflections, and further the conversation.

It is recommended that within the local church, the church council and/or other leaders do this study together either as a significant part of their regular meetings, or as a special study to which members of the leadership team commit to participate together. Each member of the leadership team is then invited to take this resource and share it with a small group within the congregation to expand the participation and involve more persons in reflecting on some of the questions of what it means to be the church in the 21st century.

The planning team envisions that this resource will be a valuable tool that will prepare a congregation to engage in the mission and ministry study called for in the strategic ministry plan of the annual conference and identify goals and next steps towards becoming a more vibrant and vital congregation for Jesus Christ in the world. The Gospel Questions are not an ends in and of themselves. They are a means of engaging congregations in discovering the foundations upon which we do our ministry that together we can make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Download and view full Gospel Questions here.