The following legislation was passed at the 2018 Annual Conference Session:

2019-2023 GNJ Strategic Ministry Plan: Process and Timeline

Whereas we are making strong progress toward our 2018 strategic plan. The plan has helped GNJ focus and concentrate on our mission – Recruit and equip spiritual leaders to make disciples and grow vital congregations to transform the world. The plan has focused Conference leadership on nine goals and the overarching goal of from 14% to 41% vital congregations; and

Whereas it is important to follow up this important work and these accomplishments with the next plan as we build on the first plan to continue progress and fruit for our ministry; and

Whereas a strategic plan grows GNJ health and vitality as it assesses present realities and sets strategic direction. The plan focuses leadership at all levels of GNJ on a few clear goals and organizes resources and activities to accomplish the goals which grows the health and vitality of our congregations for mission and ministry in context;

Be it resolved that the Connectional Table will lead GNJ in a planning process to develop a new strategic plan for 2019-2023 and allocate up to $25,000 from the 2013 strategic plan reserve for the process.

For information on process, timeline and considerations: Strategic Plan Process and Timeline

  1. Annual Conference approves strategic plan process and allocates budget – May 30, 2017
  2. Hire a consultant. June 1, 2017 – Rev. Susan Beaumont
  3. Strategic Plan Team organizes and holds evaluation and listening sessions across the conference. June – September 2017
  4. Strategic Plan Team gathers and assesses data and trends. July – October 2017
  5. Strategic Plan Team assesses input, data and trends. September – November 2017
  6. Strategic Plan Team writes the Plan. November – December 2017
  7. Strategic Plan Team workshops the plan throughout the conferences adding and modifying the plan as necessary. January – February 2018
  8. Strategic Plan submits the proposed plan to the Connectional Table, March 1 2018
  9. Connectional Table presents the plan to the Annual Conference. May 2018
  10. GNJ begins work on the plan September 2018

The GNJ Strategic Ministry Plan will include:

  • A vision statement
  • A mission statement
  • Assessment of our gifts and assets for ministry
  • Assessment of the challenges before us
  • Strategic emphases
  • Goals
  • How we will make decisions

Questions for the Strategic Planning Team to Consider

  1. What do we celebrate in the life of GNJ at this moment?
  2. What have we learned from the most recent strategic plan?
  3. Why do we exist?
  4. What has God gifted GNJ with?
  5. What gifts are being under used?
  6. What are the challenges before us?
  7. How will we be faithful to God?
  8. What do we do? Where do needs, gifts and passion intersect?
  9. How will we succeed? What fruitfulness points to our faithfulness?
  10. What is most important right now? Why have we been called for such a time as this?
  11. Who must do what? What is God’s urgency for GNJ at this time?

Submitted by:

The Greater New Jersey Connectional Table