Ep. 32 Throw the Book (of Discipline) At 'Em ft. Steven Bechtold and David Wehrle

We live in a country where we’ve declared ‘separation of church and state,’ or separation of religion and politics. Yet we as United Methodists have a tool, the “Book of Discipline,” which tells us how to be systematically as United Methodists, but also provides suggestions on how to act socio-politically. How are we as United Methodists to use this book? Can we use it as a tool or should it be used as a suggestion, especially socio-politically? Either way, what do we do when we come to a very polarizing issue?

We talk politics, itinerancy, and more with Skylands District Superintendent Steven Bechtold and senior pastor of Leonia United Methodist Church Rev. David Wehrle.

So You Wanna Do a Podcast? Parts 1 and 2 ft. Paul Barnett & Gabrielle Martone

So you wanna do a podcast. I sat down with two fellow millennials-in-ministry Rev. Gabrielle Martone and Paul Barnett, also podcast buffs, to break down the medium of podcasting.
Part 1 will cover the basic question of ‘what is podcasting,’ and then start to dive into the question of ‘how do you make a podcast?’ Part 2 will finish up the HOW and go into ‘why make a podcast?’ So across the two episodes we go through what podcasting is, 14 steps from start to finish on how to make your own podcast, and why it all matters.


1. The Podcasters Studio “Podcasting 101” Article
2. Rode Procaster Microphones
3.“People of the Story” Haddonfield UMC Podcast

The Sub $200 Podcast Setup:
1. BEHRINGER ULTRAVOICE XM1800S 3x Microphones ($40) amzn.to/2GQWeqk
2.Monoprice 8-Channel Mixer with USB ($80) amzn.to/2q3Ie22
3. ammoon MS-12 Table-Top Mic Stand ($10 x2) amzn.to/2JhlAft
4. AmazonBasics XLR Cables ($6 xHowever many) amzn.to/2GUjPpZ
5. Mudder 5 Pack Foam Windscreen ($8)amzn.to/2q3MwGJ

Gabrielle’s Favorite Podcasts:
1. Good Christian Fun: www.goodchristianfun.com
2. History Chicks: thehistorychicks.com
3. Crackers and Grape Juice: crackersandgrapejuice.com

Paul’s Favorite Podcasts:
1. Serial Season 1: serialpodcast.org/season-one
2. My Favorite Murder: www.myfavoritemurder.com
3. Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast: www.gilbertpodcast.com

James’ Favorite Podcasts:
1. The Liturgists: www.theliturgists.com/podcast/
2. How I Built This w/Guy Raz: n.pr/2heq0a0/
3. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast: www.life.church/leadershippodcast/

Ep. 29 Better Church Staff Management ft. Susan Beaumont and Catherine Jordan-Latham

As a pastor, you’re the de facto staff manager of the church. But with a staff comes the inevitability of having to fire someone. In a church, that is a really difficult situation. There is an emotional investment in churches that is absent in other sphere and ties into our spiritualities and theologies. So many churches ending up holding onto ineffective employees or are really, really bad at hiring and firing.

Consultant, author, and coach Rev. Susan Beaumont comes on the Uncovered Dish Podcast to talk about Better Church Staff Management: Hiring, Firing, and Everything in Between. Rev. Catherine Jordan-Latham of Monmouth Grace UMC in Eatontown NJ guest-co-hosts.


Ep. 28 End the Food Pantry: Rethinking Urban Ministries ft. Rev. Mike Mather

What makes an urban church vital? For the last 10 years or so, Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis began turning the model of the urban church inside out. If you were to look for its food pantry, clothing ministry and after-school program – you won’t find any – they were killed off. And you may be wondering – Why?

Rev. Mike Mather, the senior pastor of Broadway United Methodist Church comes on the podcast to help us rethink urban ministries – and why you might also should consider ending your church’s food pantry.


Ep. 27 Planting New Churches v.s. Going Multi-Site ft. Olu Brown

Olu Brown planted Impact Church in 2007 with just 25 people. In one year they reached 1,000 weekly worshippers, and in seven years the church went multi-site. Today Impact Church is one of fastest growing United Methodist Churches in the United States with an average weekly attendance of 2,700 across two locations and another 2,000 online. Pastor Olu comes on the podcast to talk about the pros and cons between planting a brand new church and going multi-site with an existing church – and to share leadership gems along the way.


Ep. 26 Out of the Mouths of Babes: A Conversation on Baptism

Baptism is one of the two sacraments United Methodists practice, and it is universally recognized as a sacrament in virtually every Christian denomination. As United Methodists, we primarily practice infant baptism: a family comes in and in front of the whole congregation promises to raise their child in the Christian faith. The congregation makes a similar pledge, to create an environment where that person can mature in their faith, where that person’s life is wrapped up in the life of the Church. But after the celebration of baptism stops, to often the actions of both the family and the congregations stop too. A lot about baptism is shrouded in mystery. What does it do, what does it symbolize, who should or shouldn’t get baptized, how do you do it well, and why does it matter? All this, on this Uncovered Dish.


Ep. 25 A Church Abridged: What are Deacons? Pt 2

In this episode we continue our conversation with deacons Kathleen Stolz, Tom Lank, and Dr. Darryl Stephens in a never-been-done-before five-people roundtable on the Order of Deacons. Our guests share their experiences as ordained deacons in the United Methodist Church, explore the possibilities of this entrepreneurial and creative order of ministry, and dream of how deacons can help shape the future of the church and the world. 


Ep. 24 A Church Abridged: What are Deacons? Pt 1

“A church without deacons is a church abridged.” The United Methodist Church has two ordained orders, Elders and Deacons. Elders serve the church through parish ministry, and Deacons bridge the gap between the church and its local community. As a separate order, Deacons have existed for over 20 years, but lay and clergy alike continually struggle to understand and utilize Deacons. Could your church better connect with its local context? Do you have a call to ministry but aren’t sure ordained Elder is for you? Join our conversation with deacons Kathleen Stolz, Tom Lank, and Dr. Darryl Stephens to hear just how relevant Deacons could be to you.