Ep. 16 How to Transition Into a New Ministry ft. Bishop John Schol

Episode 16, May 10, 2017
Bishop John Schol of the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey speaks in this episode about how a church and pastor can transition into a new ministry setting in the most healthy and effective way possible. For the last few weeks we held two Transition Workshops for churches that are in transition – that is, churches that are welcoming a new pastor this July. Bishop John Schol came in via a video sermon that answered many of the critical questions churches and pastors might have: Why do Methodists have an itinerant system? What are some of the first steps a new pastor should take in his/her new ministry placement? How do we transition well as a church? All this is discussed in this podcast.


Ep. 15 Creative Worship That Brings Change ft. Jason Moore

Episode 15, April 26, 2017
Author, coach, and worship design guru Jason Moore comes on the Uncovered Dish Podcast to share how churches big and small can take worship to the next level that doesn’t only create a great Sunday service but a life-changing experience that spills into Monday and beyond. Jason is the author of 9 books and has designed worship alongside such leaders as Adam Hamilton, Michael Slaughter, Tony Campolo, Brian McClaren, and Leonard Sweet; and he brings all his knowledge to the table. If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to register for The Greater New Jersey Annual Conference and register today for Jason’s workshop on “Creative Worship: Discovering the Power of the Narrative Experience.” 


Ep. 14 How to Do Church Mobile Apps Really Well ft. Rev. Michael Smith & Corbin Payne

Episode 14, April 12, 2017

Church mobile apps are popping up here and there, but many fail to do it really well. Senior Pastor Michael Smith and Director of Digital Ministry Corbin Payne of Clinton United Methodist Church share about the successful launch of their Clinton Church Mobile App, which is very functional and has become a regular part of church life at Clinton. Since the app’s launch, worship and small participation increased, giving has quadrupled, and the church experienced revitalization. Pastor Michael and Corbin’s number one tip? Do it well. Towards the end we also get a sneak-peek into their future plans of online church. Hear more on this episode of the Uncovered Dish.


Ep. 13 Equipping Young Leaders ft. Rev. Zach Wooten

Episode 13, March 29, 2017

Through Mosaic Ministries, a co-hort program that appoints young seminary students to lead willing churches, Rev. Zach Wooten of First UMC of Mt. Holly got ten years of experience within two years and now feels ready to tackle the coming changes in the future of the church.