Political Divide and Church Unity ft. Rev. Chuck Mitchell and Rev. Lyssette Perez

Episode 12, March 15, 2017
Conservative Pastor Chuck Mitchell and Liberal Pastor Lyssette Perez sit down at a table to talk about how faithful Christ-followers are found in both liberal and conservative communities, how a pastor might lead a church when members of the congregation are comprised of both liberals and conservatives, and how all United Methodists across the political spectrum might move together and move forward in 2017.

Rev. Chuck Mitchell is the senior pastor of Dobbins UMC in Delanco, NJ
Rev. Lyssette Perez is the senior pastor of UMaC of the Rockaways in Rockaway, NJ

Do This One Thing and Millennials Will Flock to Your Church ft. Mike Baughman

Episode 11, March 1, 2017
We talk with Rev. Mike Baughman, the founding pastor and Community Curator for Union Coffee, an innovative new church start in Dallas, TX where his congregation is primarily made up of millennials and church refugees in their twenties. There are no magic secrets, he argues, but we explore ways to develop the cultural competencies that are necessary to being in ministry with rising generations.


Living With Graceful Controversies ft. Mark Miller

Episode 10, February 15, 2017
Mark Miller, renowned church musician and Professor of Church Music of Drew Theological School, joins the Uncovered Dish to talk about living with graceful controversies in the church. We talk about faith and life, and explore whether the United Methodist Church in particular can find a way towards unity amidst diversity regarding the questions of homosexuality and leadership in the church.


One Church's Response to the Executive Order on Refugees ft. Rev. Joel Hubbard

Episode 9, February 3, 2017
Since the executive order that indefinitely barred Syrian refugees from entering the United States and blocked citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, more than 800 places of worship nationwide – including more than 60 United Methodist Congregations – vowed to shelter and protect immigrants and refugees. One of these churches is Park United Methodist Church in Bloomfield, NJ. The senior pastor of Park UMC Rev. Joel Hubbard talks about how he and Park UMC were called to host refugees, and how the church deals with political and social issues as a worshipping body in a community.


Every Church Should Have a Youth Ministry ft. Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean

Episode 8, January 25, 2017
Every church should have youth ministry – even if youth are not sitting in your pews, argues Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean; professor of youth, church, and culture at Princeton Theological Seminary. How has youth ministry changed in the 21st century? Are youth leaders or parents more influential in the faith formation of young people? Should youth leaders and pastors friend their students on Facebook? Found out all this and more on this Uncovered Dish.


Tending the Soul of a Church ft. Rev. Susan Beaumont

Episode 7, January 4, 2017
Rev. Susan Beaumont, the keynote speaker for the upcoming Bishop’s Clergy Convocation, gives us a preview of her talk – how churches are soulful institutions, and that when we tend the souls of the church, we become better equipped to tackle the difficult questions and crises it faces today. All this and more on the Uncovered Dish.