The Pathways Process

  • Prepare: Congregations will re-center spiritually and prepare for a journey of discovery, growth and transformation.
  • Assess and Discern: Churches will take a deep look at the current situation and learn more in understanding their context of ministry. Then they will enter a time of discernment to realistically determine the congregation’s next step in ministry.
  • Plan: Congregations will be coached in creating a plan that provides clarity and gives your congregation the tools to transform lives, the congregation and the community.
  • Mobilize Congregational leaders will be mobilized for world-changing witness and ministry in the community.

Pathways coaches will help guide your congregation to their next faithful step. This might include a Pathways Module:

The Sustainability Module is for congregations to reduce risk factors that are or may create obstacles for their future: property issues, insufficient income, and dwindling membership. You will explore how to address your current risk factors and ensure a sustainable mission and ministry for your future, and you will experience how to leverage your strengths and consolidate your assets to create a healthy future

The Congregational Health and Fruitfulness Module is for congregations that need to grow in the five core areas of ministry that are essential for a congregation’s vitality and fruitfulness: worship, small groups, new disciples, missions, and generosity. You will explore how to focus your time, leadership, and resources toward adapting, refining, and improving and growing in these areas of vitality. You will experience how to set goals that will move forward your ministry.

The Community Engagement Module is for congregations that want to become partners with neighbors, community leaders, community organizations, businesses, and elected leaders to develop the community. It is also for congregations considering being a Hope Center. You will explore how to create dynamic partnerships within your community to meet the needs of the people, and you will experience how to discover the assets of your community and how you can work collaboratively for a brighter future.

The Organization Module is for churches that wish to shift their leadership’s time and energy toward becoming spiritual leaders, rather than being board members concerned with routine administrative matters. You will explore how creating appropriate organization can support the work of congregational vitality. You will also experience how to develop an organizational structure that will best fit your size, budget, and leadership style.

Graceful Conversations Module is for congregations that are wrestling with differences within the congregation, especially in the areas of theology and human sexuality. This work will include writing a covenant that outlines how to honor one another.

Conflict Resolution Process is for congregations experiencing conflict about direction, mission, leadership, or programing. The congregation will engage in a clear and healthy process to work through conflict that will empower the congregation to move forward in the midst of the challenges and increase faithfulness and fruitfulness.

Coming in 2023

Congregational Journey of Hope Plan is for congregations wanting to address ending the sin of racism in their congregation and community. There are three points of entry for this work:

The first point of entry is through Pathways. Pathways is for congregations focused on increasing their vitality while also beginning the conversation around cultural competency.

The second point of entry is through the Bridges Program where vital congregations may engage cultural competency more deeply over the course of 12 months with the goal of creating a spiritual practice that allows for continued growth and community outreach.

The third point of entry is through A Journey of Hope Congregational Plan, which is for congregations who want to explore cultural competency more deeply and begin to do the work of ending the sin of racism in their congregation and community.

Next Gen Module is for congregations wishing to reach younger generations to grow younger and more diverse.

Other resources to support the work of your congregation can be found at (put link for Congregational Resources (which I am working to realign that with the newest regional work.

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