The purpose of PaCE “Intensification Grants” are:

To provide financial support to the clergy of the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey who are engaged in contextual learning in a cohort model as they pursue continuing education and training for the purpose of cultivating excellence and effectiveness in their local ministries and for the benefit of GNJ.

Intensification grants are intended to deepen the learning experiences of cohort groups by providing financial support for learning/growing experiences that further the pursuit of the cohort’s learning objectives. These experiences may include, but are not limited to: retreat experiences, group continuing education events and outside facilitation/expertise.

How much funding is available?

These competitive grants, made possible through the funding of the GNJ Board of Ordained Ministry, will provide a maximum of $2,500 per year per PaCE group.

Deadline to Apply

Once a PaCE group has been meeting for four months, it is eligible to apply for this grant at any time (assuming the group is active). Grants will be awarded in two rounds during the year. The deadlines for those two rounds are October 1 and February 15.

What is expected?

  • Grant applications must clearly show how this intensification experience will contribute to the fulfillment of the group’s learning objectives;
  • Each member of the PaCE group must contribute a minimum of $200 from personal continuing education funds (available through the local church or the Board of Ordained Ministry) towards the experience;
  • Each PaCE group receiving funding will be expected to create a presentation of their learnings for the benefit of other clergy and churches in GNJ.
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