Some of our most talented servant-leaders have an opportunity to work with the larger mission of Greater New Jersey by moving our mission forward at the agency and committee level.

The nominations committee is looking for committed disciples of Jesus Christ who have leadership gifts and experience and are ready to join us as we move into a new season of strategic ministry and continue to move our mission forward.

Agencies and committees tend to meet four times a year, sometimes more often. As much as possible, committee leaders allow people to participate remotely through conference calls and web services. You can learn more about the purpose of the different boards and agencies by visiting the Connectional Table here.

Thank you for your willingness to assist the nominations team.

  • Positions you would like to nominate the person for (select up to three)

For more information, please contact:

  • Diana Picurro


We are grateful for your submission. Please know that while we appreciate all nominations we cannot guarantee that your recommendation(s) will result in an appointment. The nominations process must always consider multiple factors such as available vacancies, individual gifts, current make-up of the ministry team, and issues of gender, race, and age etc. Many committees have size limits that are defined by the Book of Discipline or Conference rules.