About Mosaic Ministries

Young pastors and small churches are important to the life and future of the church and can flourish when coupled together for ministry.

Mosaic Ministries does just that by pairing together two seminary students with complementing skill sets to each work 20 hours a week pastoring an appointed church. Bright, young communicators, administrators, vision casters and leaders from seminary are sought after and recruited to expand their theological education with practical management practice. The churches benefit with innovative leaders who can challenge congregations in new ways.

Centered on team building and mentorship, Mosaic Ministries is an innovative ministry framework that launches a new way of thinking about and doing local church ministry, mission, and leadership. It’s where students have the opportunity to learn through real-world, hands-on experience alongside a partner.

As a result, small churches receive high-energy, highly committed, stand-out student pastors who:

  • Respond to the pulse of the community with Christ-centered ministry, programs and outreach opportunities
  • Build community relations and lead the church’s presence and relevancy
  • Lead the church in making disciples
  • Develop and provide a plan for leadership of small group ministries and Bible studies
  • Create and or strengthen ministries to families

How to be a part of Mosaic Ministries

To be a part of Mosaic Ministries, a person must be between 22 and 30 years old with a heart to serve God; open to the Holy Spirit’s leading. The ministry seeks men and women who are emotionally, cognately, and ideologically flexible with a willingness to pursue unconventional and innovative ideas. Patience, perseverance, a heart of service, mission-focused passion, and an open, self-starting spirit are desired traits.

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