Stewardship Director

February 4, 2017 | Job Opportunities

Executive Director in Consultation with the Director of Connectional Ministries

Position Summary and Objective:
The Director works with pastors and lay leadership to grow financial resources to increase and grow transformational leaders, disciple making, congregational vitality and community transformation. The Director leads and inspires biblical and theological understanding of giving.

As a result of this position, the following will occur:

  • Increased financial giving to recruit and equip transformational leaders for the GNJ mission.
  • Congregation giving is grounded biblically and theologically and congregations are conducting and following up on yearly stewardship campaigns.
  • Large individual donors for GNJ mission will be identified.
  • Congregations, agencies and missional partners of GNJ are knowledgeable about the Stewardship Foundation and highly motivated to participate in its ministry.
  • Increased average giving per worshiper and GNJ apportionment base by an appropriate goal set each year.
  • Increased investments through the Foundation.
  • A stewardship campaign leadership team is organized, trained and deployed to conduct stewardship campaigns in 50% or more of our congregations each year.

Key Accountabilities

  1. Do the right thing to recruit and equip Transformational Leaders and grow giving to support the growth of transformational leaders.
  2. Oversee the creation and implementation of effective marketing and solicitation strategies to educate congregations and mission partners about the benefits of the Foundation so that the number of congregations investing through the Foundation and the dollar amount of investments are increasing each year.
  3. Lead and administrate the Foundation so that partner churches receive accurate statements on time and the board and GNJ leadership receive regular updates and reports on time.
  4. Champion and facilitate GNJ resourcing and leadership development initiatives related to stewardship.
  5. Use existing or create innovative stewardship initiatives such as congregation endowments, wills and bequests.
  6. Organize stewardship leader trainings so that existing and new stewardship leaders are leading quality giving ministries in the congregation and community.
  7. Coach and lead clergy groups about stewardship to increase congregation giving.
  8. Collaborate with laity and clergy and flowing out from GNJ strategic ministry plan and goals, plan, organize and implement giving goals and objectives so that congregations:
  • Increase their financial resources for mission and ministry
  • Grow their understanding and practice of financial stewardship
  • Implement new giving technologies, strategies, ministries and experiences
  • Improve the frequency and quality of their stewardship ministry
  • Share and learn best practices with other congregations


  • Christ-centered and Christ-like
  • Open to listening and learning from others faith experiences who have different theological views;
  • Accepting and inclusive of people of other races and cultures
  • Punctual
  • Unifying
  • Joyful in spirit
  • A self-starter
  • Cooperative, collaborative, committed to the vision, mission, beliefs and values of GNJ
  • A person of moral integrity and strong work ethic
  • Committed to excellence


  • Ability to motivate and influence people to achieve positive results
  • Possess a vision for giving and stewardship and ability to inspire others through the vision
  • A team player
  • Ability to mentor and coach
  • A strategic thinker
  • Ability to design and lead engaging workshops, and facilitate peer learning groups
  • Comfortable and confident interacting with diverse groups of laity and clergy
  • A strong planner, administrator, communicator and supervisor

Organizational Ability:   

  • Planning with the end result in mind
  • Ability to effectively lead cross functional teams
  • Effective and efficient in performing administrative tasks
  • Timely in completing tasks  
  • An effective communicator – both written and oral
  • Proactive in following through


  • Master’s Degree or equivalent experience in any of the areas of theology, fundraising, education, mission or other church, human and organizational areas
  • Professional/Ministry Coaching training preferred


  • Successful leadership in a local United Methodist Church
  • Ten or more years of an effective track record in fund raising and leading an organization, larger congregation or larger department within an organization
  • Overseen four or more senior program staff
  • Developed and managed a budget of $1 million or more
  • Served in a large complex system; and understands and has experience with strategic planning, knowledge of and skill in leadership development, organization, evaluation, and human resources

Travel: The position requires some evening and weekend responsibilities, travel within the Greater New Jersey Region, and some travel outside the region. The Executive Director works from the GNJ offices located in Neptune, NJ.  

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