Praise Band Director: Morrisville UMC

January 22, 2018 | Job Opportunities

General Description:
Coordinates the Celebration Service music program for our Celebration Service in a manner that enhances the spirit of worship and assists the congregation in praise and serving God. Committed to worship as an expression of his/her Christian faith.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Directs the Praise Band at weekly Celebration Services as specified and at special services (i.e. Christmas, Easter, and Unity Sundays).
  2. Selects music for the celebration service that is appropriate to the worship themes and seasons in conference with the Pastor and the Praise Band.
  3. Responsible for song lyric content of Power Point for the Celebration service.
  4. Promotes growth and stability of the Praise Band. Maintains communication with Praise Band members.
  5. Develops musical skills of the Band through rehearsals, coaching, workshops, etc.
  6. Purchases music and related supplies within budget allocations. Administers and cares for the music library, instruments, audio and visual equipment, and other materials related to the Praise Band.
  7. Coordinates activities and schedules and cooperates with the Pastor, Power Point Designer, Worship Team and Office Administer.
  8. Shows commitment to the church’s goals and objectives.
  9. Participates as a member of the Worship Team.
  10. Maintain Safe Sanctuary Policy.
  11. Performs other related tasks as may be requested from time to time.

Skills Required:

  1. Ability to coordinate instrumentalists and vocalists to the benefit of the worship service.
  2. Strong leadership and communication skills with the ability to efficiently coordinate with other church staff members.
  3. Ability to lead Praise Band members in practice and performance and exhibit exuberance during worship.
  4. Enjoys working as a team with the Pastor and other Leaders.
  5. Proficient vocally and with an instrument.
  6. Computer and e-mail skills including a Power Point program
  7. Punctuality and organizational skills.


  1. Administratively responsible to the Pastor.
  2. Annual Performance Review with the Pastor, or more often as needed.

Additional Notes:

  1. Hours per week: Average 5-6. This is a salaried year-round position.
  2. Paid Time Off is up to four Sundays per year with prior approval.
  3. In case of illness or emergency during scheduled worship or programs, notify the pastor as soon as possible.