Nursery School Director | Saint Johns UMC in Turnersville

July 16, 2020 | Job Opportunities

The Nursery School Director is a key member of the Leadership Team who works to support the mission and values of St. Johns United Methodist Church. The Director is responsible for the operation and administration of the Nursery School and shall possess the administrative and interpersonal skills necessary to perform his/her duties as detailed in this job description.

The Director is committed to sustaining a high-quality program that values partnerships between families and staff and creates an open and honest working environment that inspires professionalism and rewards creative, innovative teaching.  The Director will report to and work in close collaboration with the Senior Pastor to ensure strategic alignment.

Administrative Responsibilities

Staffing and Development:

  • Hire, train, mentor, and supervise all school staff.  This specifically includes, but is not limited to:  recruiting and interviewing prospective employees, providing orientation for new staff members and all staff annually, ensuring efficient scheduling and maintenance of preferred staff/child ratios.
  • Ensure that the staff training programs meet or exceed the guidelines for training as detailed in the New Jersey State Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers.
  • Work closely with the teaching staff to oversee and support all aspects of classroom program planning, curriculum implementation, and evaluation as required to meet all applicable guidelines contained in the New Jersey State Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers.
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and coaching to classroom staff by spending time in classrooms to introduce and support new ideas, strategies, etc.
  • Regularly attend trainings/conferences and read journals to keep abreast of current developments in early childhood education.  Share new information through monthly updates.
  • Schedule and document regular staff meetings.
  • Conduct written performance reviews and performance review conversations for all preschool classroom teachers at least annually and at more frequently at regularly scheduled intervals should concerns be identified.  Advise the Senior Pastor and the SPRC of any personnel terminations.
  • Adopt, communicate, and implement a policy for corrective action and associated documentation in the event staff issues arise.
  • Communicate any concerns to the Senior Pastor for guidance and support

Classroom Maintenance:

  • Ensure that the Nursery School facilities meet all requirements as delineated in the New Jersey State Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers.
  • Work to ensure that guidelines provided by the Grow NJ Kids quality improvement program are met.
  • Supervise the use of physical space so that classrooms, common areas, and playgrounds are clean and safe.
  • Provide an attractive and welcoming environment in which learning is made visible through children’s art work or displays that promote a child’s self-esteem.

Family Partnerships:

  • Schedule and facilitate tours of the facility for prospective families.
  • Respond promptly and appropriately to parent concerns involving teachers, St. Johns staff, families, or external support personnel as needed.
  • Interact with families in a nurturing, compassionate, and sincere manner.
  • Demonstrate love for the Lord in words and actions.

Record Keeping: 

  • Maintain personnel files and professional development records for staff. Ensure that retention policy is aligned with NJ state requirements.
  • Maintain an individual file, including medical records, for each child in the program that is sufficiently detailed to meet the requirements of NJ State and Gloucester County Board of Health audits.
  • Ensure that information protection and retention policy is aligned with NJ State requirements.
  • Conduct an annual review of the staff handbook. Update as needed.
  • Review and update (as needed) all communications regarding the Nursery School as it pertains to public distribution.


  • Create the annual school events calendar and communicate with the church, staff and school families regarding the schedule.
  • Keep staff apprised of professional development opportunities, revisions of policy or procedures, and personnel changes through written or electronic communications.
  • Keep families informed of important school updates via written and electronic communication.

Budget Oversight:  
Work with the Nursery School Treasurer to develop, implement, and manage the Nursery School budget.

Professional Development:  
Assess group training needs and the interests of individual employees to organize on and off-site training opportunities. Keep teaching staff informed of professional development and educational opportunities. Ensure that each employee receives at least the minimum required professional development hours detailed in the New Jersey State Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers.

Continually seek ways to promote St. Johns Nursery School as a high-quality program both by bringing professionals to the school for a variety of forums and by being actively present in the church community.

Advertise St. John’s Nursery School on social media, print and in other mediums to increase school enrollment.

General Agreements and Other Considerations:

  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and commitment to confidentiality in all staff and family relationships.
  • Show initiative in problem solving and be open to new ideas.
  • Approach challenges with imagination and a sense of humor.
  • Create a welcoming, positive environment by being actively engaged with children, speaking to children at eye level, being friendly, warm and affectionate, using appropriate voice and tone, encouraging children’s independence and self-help skills as appropriate.
  • Maintain health guidelines as outlined in the New Jersey State Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers and provided by the Gloucester County Board of Health.
  • Assist in classrooms as needed.
  • Be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Be able to walk, bend, stand, squat or sit on the floor (with children) throughout an 8-hour day.
  • Be able to walk up and down steps several times each day.
  • Be able to conduct regular safety drills and physically respond quickly in an emergency.
  • Maintain certification in adult/child CPR and First Aid for Director and all staff.
  • Understand the risk of exposure to blood and bodily fluids and use universal precautions in such instances.
  • Be able to travel to various locations for field trips or outings.
  • Will take vacation according to the HR policy of St. John’s UMC as applicable.
  • While this is a September to June position, the Director should be prepared to work at least intermittently during the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.

How to apply:
St. John’s United Methodist Church is located in Turnersville NJ.

Resumes should be sent to Jeff Leonard, Chairperson, at The director must meet state qualifications.

Options for meeting the qualifications are:
A Master’s Degree in any field related to children or business or a Bachelor’s Degree AND one year of managerial or supervisory experience.

For other inquiries, contact Jeff Leonard at or Pastor Mike Bill at