Nursery Attendant, First United Methodist Church in Delran

May 29, 2024 | Job Opportunities


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Nursery Attendant Job Description

This job is approximately two hours each Sunday. Worship time is at 10 AM.

  1. Provide childcare during Sunday school and regularly scheduled worship times for children from birth to age 4 as needed.
  2. Provide childcare at other times of worship, study, or other church events as prearranged with the church leadership.
  3. Maintain the nursery area, equipment, and supplies to provide a safe, clean, and effective place for childcare for the children.
  4. Maintain an accurate list of the parents or guardians of the children in the nursery including emergency contacts.
  5. Provide weekly attendance figures including the full names of the children in the nursery on that week to the church office.
  6. Communicate with the adult responsible for the individual child if a situation arises during services that cannot be handled by the nursery staff.
  7. Turn in weekly time sheets to the church office reflecting the numbers of hours worked that week.
  8. Communicate any needs that may arise in order to fulfill the above responsibilities to the Staff Parish Relations committee or the pastor.

Must abide by Safe Sanctuary policy and submit to a background check.

Submit resume to; attention SPRC chair