Next Generation Ministries | Music Director

March 7, 2019 | Job Opportunities

Title: Music Director
Classification: Volunteer
Supervisor: Camp Program Director

GNJ volunteers through their work help fulfill our mission: recruit and develop transformational leaders to make disciples and grow vital congregations to transform the world.

GNJ values as an organization and in its volunteers through:

  • innovation and risk taking
  • excellence in its ministry and service
  • compassionate and just service
  • diversity
  • collaboration

United Methodists in Greater New Jersey view all volunteers as leaders who are critical to the mission, capable of growth and valued.

Position Summary
The Next Generation Ministries Music Director plans and leads the music program activities for Camp Inspire so that campers learn new music skills, get to perform confidently and engage their faith through joyful song and music.

Essential Functions

  • Lead the music track for Camp Inspire so that campers grow in their knowledge and experience of music, experience music from a faith perspective and have crazy amounts of fun
  • Lead campers in implementing a closing program performance that campers can be proud of in collaboration with the Theater Director and Photography & Video Director so that campers and parents experience a joyful closure to Camp Inspire
  • Lead music workshop activities that expose campers to different styles and expressions of music so that campers will grow in their knowledge and skills
  • Participate in camp activities to build relationships with campers and camp leaders, assisting where needed, so that campers will experience the Music Director as a mentor and role model

Organization Responsibilities

  • Serve as a participant for projects as assigned

Core Competencies

  • Committed to continuously grow in intercultural competence
  • Build and maintain relationships that are rooted in honesty, integrity and honor confidentiality
  • Work cooperatively with others to produce innovative solutions
  • Communicate clearly and accurately, in writing and orally, with unifying messages that motivates people to action
  • Attend to details and deadlines
  • Adapt to an ever changing work environment so that tasks are carried out seamlessly
  • A vision for camp and retreat programming and the ability to inspire others through the vision
  • Comfortable and confident interacting with diverse groups of youth, young adults, parents, clergy and laity


  • Three or more years’ experience in music education
  • Youth ministry experience and experience working with students of varied ages
  • Experience working with a variety of cultures


  • High school degree with some college or related experience preferred

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