Next Gen Ministries | Summer Camp Lifeguard

May 10, 2019 | Job Opportunities

Title: Summer Camp Lifeguard
Dates of Employment: July 17, 2019 – August 16, 2019
Supervisor: Waterfront Director
Salary: $10/hr

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GNJ values as an organization and in its employees:

  • innovation and risk taking
  • excellence in its ministry and service
  • compassionate and just service
  • diversity
  • collaboration

Next Generation Ministries view all employees as leaders who are critical to the mission, capable of growth and valued.

Position Summary
Summer Camp Lifeguards oversee all waterfront activities and ensure a fun and safe experience. Lifeguards ensure the safety of all campers and camp leaders at the waterfront through watchfulness, assessments, and preparedness. This position may be combined with the Summer Camp Counselor position for additional pay.

Essential Functions

  • In coordination with the Waterfront Director, assess the swimming ability of each camper so that waterfront staff are aware of the ability and limitations of each camper and can ensure safety
  • Ensure campers in the swimming area corresponding to their swimming classification so that campers stay within their swimming capabilities and have safe and enjoyable experiences
  • Implement system for checking swimmers, following the provisions required by the state of New Jersey, so that lifeguards remain aware of the presence of each camper and ensure swimmer safety
  • Know and be ready to implement lifeguard responsibilities for the camp’s lost swimmer plan so that waterfront staff can respond quickly, effectively, and with excellence if an emergency occurs
  • Participate in lost swimmer drills once every two weeks, as led by the Waterfront Director, so that waterfront staff are well-prepared and well-equipped to react instinctively to emergencies

Organization Responsibilities

  • Attend and be fully present for camp trainings, debriefs, and wrap-ups
  • Serve as a participant or as a leader on projects as assigned

Core Competencies

  • Committed to continuously grow in intercultural competence
  • Build and maintain relationships that are rooted in honesty, integrity, and honor confidentiality
  • Work cooperatively with others to produce innovative solutions
  • Communicate clearly and accurately, in writing and orally, with unifying messages that motivates people to action
  • Attend to details and deadlines
  • Adapt to an everchanging work environment so that tasks are carried out seamlessly
  • Enthusiastic about living the summer camp lifestyle
  • Maintain alertness for extended periods of time
  • Prepared to enact procedures and protocols in emergency situations
  • Maintain focus, clear thinking, and a non-anxious presence in emergency situations


  • At least 16 years old
  • Clear background check record
  • Experience with children and youth, preferred
  • Familiarity with summer camp programming and operations preferred

Education and Skills

  • Lifeguard certification
  • CPR certified
  • First-Aid certified

This position works from Pinelands Center at Mt. Misery.

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