Next Gen Ministries | Summer Camp Administrator

May 10, 2019 | Job Opportunities

Title: Summer Camp Administrator
Supervisor: Camp Program Director
Dates of Employment: July 17, 2019 – August 16, 2019
Salary: $200/week

We cultivate and catalyze new generations of enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ that connect, grow, and lead in their congregations and communities to transform the world. GNJ values as an organization and in its employees

  • innovation and risk taking
  • excellence in its ministry and service
  • compassionate and just service
  • diversity
  • collaboration

Next Generation Ministries view all employees as leaders who are critical to the mission, capable of growth and valued.

Position Summary
The Summer Camp Administrator manages all registration, medical information, expense filings, and incident reports during camp. This position ensures all camp paperwork is complete and filed by the last day of camp.

Essential Functions

  • Ensure all registration, medical, and parental consent forms and camp payments are complete and filed by the first day of camp so that campers and staff have no administrative worries or burdens
  • Lead the check-in for each camp session, collecting missing documents from parents or guardians, assisting the camp nurse with receiving medication, and directing campers and parents where to go after check-in so that the check-in process is smooth and experienced as excellent
  • Maintain copies of all camp policies and procedures and ensure that staff have copies of the policies and procedures relevant to their responsibilities so that camp operations are done efficiently and effectively
  • Order or purchase any materials needed through the course of camp and handle all printing needs so that all material needs are addressed timely and efficiently
  • Manage all correspondence with parents, guardians, or constituents that contact the camp office during camps, addressing their needs or concerns or connecting them with the appropriate staff so that all calls and emails to camp are handled in a timely and effective manner

Organization Responsibilities

  • Attend and be fully present for camp training, meetings, and debriefs
  • Serve as a participant or as a leader on projects as assigned

 Core Competencies

  • Committed to continuously grow in intercultural competence
  • Build and maintain relationships that are rooted in honesty, integrity, and honor confidentiality
  • Work cooperatively with others to produce innovative solutions
  • Communicate clearly and accurately, in writing and orally, with unifying messages that motivates people to action
  • Attend to details and deadlines
  • Adapt to an everchanging work environment so that tasks are carried out seamlessly
  • Enthusiastic about living the summer camp lifestyle
  • Provide gracious hospitality


  • Clear background check record
  • Summer camp programming and operations experience preferred

 Education and Skills

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office and navigating online systems

This position works from the Pinelands Center at Mt. Misery. Camp residency during the summer camp season may be provided in some circumstances.

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