Music Leader – First United Methodist Church of Moorestown

March 29, 2023 | Job Opportunities

First United Methodist Church of Moorestown is looking for a Music Leader for the Contemporary Service.

The Music Leader is responsible for the coordination of the total music program for the Contemporary Music Service each Sunday at 9AM in a manner that enhances the worship service at the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) of Moorestown. Key Essential Duties/ Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for selection of music, production/arrangement of lead sheets, directing, and coordination of music for Sunday Contemporary Services in collaboration with the Pastors AND sermon series.  Coordination of providing set list to musicians, office staff, and pastors.
  2. Responsible for leading weekly Kings Road Revival (KRR) rehearsals in the church sanctuary.
  3. Responsible for selection of music, producing, directing, coordination/planning with pastor(s) and other staff for Special Events Concerts, Advent, Lent Services, and other services as required.
  4. Communicating, coordinating /facilitating with other music personnel in Joint Music Services.
  5. Responsible for teaching KRR musicians the music and providing suggestions for interpretation of the music.  Responsible for teaching songs and set lists to the musicians.
  6. Responsible for routine maintenance of musical equipment.
  7. Responsible for the Instrument Inventory of FUMC assets.
  8. Responsible for development of the Music Program Budget with Music Leader of Traditional Service.
  9. As able attend meetings with Music/ Worship Committee, Ad Council, and Church Charge Conference; Prepare reports for Church Council meetings and work with other church commissions, as necessary.
  10. All communication, verbal and written, done in a timely manner with staff, leadership and congregation.


  1. Good interpersonal skills: capable of working with pastors, staff, parents, children, youth and adults, as well as with those of diverse racial, ethnic, political, and theological perspectives.
  2. Strong organizational skills such as team building, collaborative leadership, equipping others, and organizing and leading meetings.
  3. Degree in music preferred with ability to perform on an instrument at a professional level.
  4. Interest and ability to think and reflect theologically, with a commitment to the spiritual growth and discipleship of both oneself and the congregation.
  5. Ability to sing or ability to teach singing preferred.
  6. Composition, arranging, and orchestration skills.
  7. Fluent in the use of music composition and recording software such as Finale’, Sebelius, Audacity, or Pro Tools

This is a Part Time Position.

Work Schedule is 12 Hours/Week Flexible

Salary: Range between $14,000 and $17,000

Interested individuals submit resume and cover letter to