Hope Church UMC | Worship Pastor

February 3, 2021 | Job Opportunities

Meet Hope Church:

HOPE Church, in Voorhees, NJ, is a 30-year-old ministry. HOPE currently has two Sunday morning  worship services (paused by Covid) and a new and growing digital community. The Worship Pastor  works closely with the preaching team and Worship Arts director to develop weekly creative worship  experiences and special worship opportunities throughout the year. HOPE has a history of allowing a  staff person’s passions, skills, gifts and talents to mold a job description knowing that the ministry  thrives when the leaders are thriving. Of course, there are also basic qualifications that are necessary  for this role. The Worship Pastor would be responsible for leading worship and developing worship  leaders for both in person and digital worship experiences; leading and pastoring worship musicians  and tech volunteers; supervise and oversee part time audio and visual tech coordinators.

Our vision …

  • Connecting people to God through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Connecting people to each other in authentic Christian community.
  • Connecting the church to the world to be salt & light.

Our strategies …

  • We INVITE people to experience God and explore a life of following Jesus.
  • We CONNECT with others in authentic Christian community under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • We GROW through the process of conforming to the image of Jesus Christ for the sake of others.
  • We SERVE others as an expression of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Our principles of community …

HOPE embraces this vision and these strategies while growing a healthy spiritual community. A healthy and vital spiritual community is attractive and challenging to maintain. And sadly, community is easily destroyed. At HOPE we have 5 Principles of Community we believe help when dealing with conflict within community.

  1. The Lord loves unity.
  2. Discern what is essential, and not.
  3. It’s better to be loving than right.
  4. We pay attention to our culture, but we don’t follow it.
  5. Through the Bible, God still speaks to our world.

The Worship Arts ministry at Hope is a community of musicians and artists passionate about expressing our encounters with God through the arts.  Our purpose as co-worshippers is to help lead people into His presence through whatever creative means are available.

The Worship Pastor will provide leadership and vision in the area of Worship Arts and will work to create fresh experiences with God for our community.

The Worship Pastor Will:

  • Work closely with the Worship Director to develop a vision for the Worship Arts department.
  • Oversee development and implementation of digital worship.
  • Schedule and lead Worship Band rehearsals and conduct the onboarding of new musicians.
  • Grow and develop personally and professionally in regards to the Christian faith  and management and leadership skills as they pertain to church volunteers.
  • Create unique and exciting opportunities for community members to encounter God on a weekly basis.
  • Recruit and train instrumentalists, vocalists and volunteer worship leaders.
  • Mentor and supervise audio and visual tech coordinators.

Education and Experience

  • College or graduate music degree and/or extensive music experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in leading other musicians.
  • Demonstrated experience in leading contemporary worship experiences.
  • Ability to collaborate with teams.
  • A passion for helping people grow in their faith while serving in the worship arts ministry.
  • A commitment to excellence (giving our best efforts for the work of God’s Kingdom).
  • 5 years of progressive leadership experience within a church musical setting.

Personality and Characteristics

  • Driven visionary.
  • Creative and exploratory.
  • Calling to the creative arts.
  • Enjoys relationship building and team leadership.
  • Passionate about helping others grow in their faith.

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