Executive Director – A Future With Hope

November 7, 2018 | Job Opportunities

GNJ and its mission partner employees through their work help fulfill our mission: recruit and develop transformational leaders to make disciples and grow vital congregations to transform the world.

We value as an organization and in its employees

  • innovation and risk taking
  • excellence in its ministry and service
  • compassionate and just service
  • diversity
  • collaboration

United Methodists of Greater New Jersey view all employees as leaders who are critical to the mission, capable of growth and valued.

In response to the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, United Methodists in New Jersey established A Future With Hope.  Four pillars undergird this program:  Relief, Repair, Rebuild, and Renew.  After six years of successful experience, A Future With Hope is expanding its focus on rebuilding and renewing communities by intensifying its efforts in leadership development, the establishment and strengthening of Hope Centers, and the repurposing of real estate to meet critical community needs.

As A Future With Hope became increasing involved in property development, it became clear that additional expertise was needed, thus Nehemiah Properties was established as an essential collaborative effort.  Working together, A Future With Hope will focus on the program side of the mission including Hope Centers, community planning and development, and the program component of building use.  Nehemiah Properties will focus on the redevelopment construction aspects of community development which also creates opportunities to increase revenue for self-sustaining a future with hope.

Position Summary
The executive director is the organizational leader of A Future With Hope and Nehemiah Properties. The executive director develops and implements a strategic vision and leads the organization to achieve the goals of Hope Centers, community development including leadership development, community strategic planning, housing, and economic development, and other strategic initiatives approved by the board.

Essential Functions | Primary Responsibilities

  • Identify, negotiate and complete large housing and other joint venture developments using church property and additional acquired property to enhance and add value to neighborhoods, meet housing and program needs of the community, provide responsible stewardship of church property and enhance the missional vitality of congregations.
  • Collaborate with staff to carry out critical strategies and activities with excellence so that mission and strategic goals are accomplished and the staff experiences meaning and purpose.
  • Lead AFWH/Nehemiah so the mission is adequately financed and goals are accomplished.

Collaborative Responsibilities (Working with Board and Staff Leadership)

  • Develop and achieve a clear vision and strategic plan shaped by our values to improve existing Hope Centers and create new Hope Centers to improve their mission and service in the community and to develop buildings, land, and other community assets.
  • Assess the strategies, ministries, programs, and staff, to provide quarterly reports so activities and progress are shared on a regular basis, projects are completed on time, and issues are addressed promptly.
  • Identify, recruit, and develop leaders for community engagement.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Participate with GNJ mission partners
  • Attend GNJ meetings as needed and appropriate
  • Participate with the GNJ Partners executive leadership team

Core Competencies

  • Negotiate and oversee development projects related to repurposing property and housing construction
  • Inspire and influence people to achieve challenging goals and positive results
  • Understand complex systems and organizations
  • Attend to details and deadlines
  • Communicate clearly and accurately, in writing and orally, with unifying messages that motivates people to action
  • Fund raising from individual, corporate, government and foundations
  • Supervise a team of gifted leaders
  • Lead people through change, disruptions, and difference
  • Work cooperatively with others to produce innovative solutions.
  • Commit to continuous growth in intercultural competence
  • Build and maintain relationships rooted in honesty, integrity and honor confidentiality


Experience working with developers and contractors, understanding legal issues related to development, leading community economic development, especially housing, organizing, and overseeing services to the community, project management, supervising staff, and organizational leadership.


Minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Preference given to degrees in business development, real estate, community development, and strategic planning and implementation.

 Time and Travel Requirements

This position requires occasional evening and weekend responsibilities, extensive travel within Greater New Jersey, and occasional travel outside the region.  The Executive Director works from the main office located in Neptune, New Jersey.

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