Director of Leadership Development

February 4, 2017 | Job Opportunities

Director of Connectional Ministries
Reports to The Board of Laity and Board of Ordained Ministry

Position Summary and Objective:
The Director of Leadership leads and inspires biblical and theological understanding of leadership, and increases the skills and number of apostolic transformational leaders within GNJ. The Director works with the Boards of Laity and Ordained Ministry, Connectional Ministries Team, and Regional Teams to ensure GNJ is recruiting and equipping transformational leaders so that we make disciples and grow vital congregations to transform the world.

As a result of this position, the following will occur: Transformational leaders are recruited and equipped for the GNJ mission.

These leaders:

  • Connect and relate well with church leadership and membership and community residents
  • Develop leaders within the congregation
  • Lead the congregation to deeper faith and service in the world
  • Increase congregational vitality through inspiring worship and messages, attracting and making new disciples and engaging disciples in small groups, community hands-on mission and generous giving
  • Raise sufficient funds for community and world mission, ongoing congregational ministry, shared ministries and salary and benefits
  • Laity are engaged in developing understanding and skills to lead congregational ministries to grow congregational vitality
  • New clergy are called, recruited, equipped, mentored, and are excelling in the GNJ mission
  • Clergy are growing their skills to lead as apostles to grow congregations and mission

Key Accountabilities

  1. Do the right thing (make decisions and take action for the good of the mission within the values, culture and beliefs of GNJ) to recruit and equip transformation leaders who lead like apostles
  2. Champion and facilitate GNJ resourcing and leadership development initiatives for laity and clergy so that congregations are making disciples and growing vitality to transform the world
  3. Create a culture of call and apostolic leadership permeates GNJ
  4. Facilitate laity and clergy as they improve their leadership skills to make disciples and grow vital congregations to transform the world
  5. Assist clergy who are not performing to the GNJ standards to improve or when there is not improvement, coached into new callings and vocation
  6. Oversee Lay Servant Ministries, Certified Lay Ministers, Laity Academy, Clergy Recruitment, RIM and Mentor Ministries, Local Pastor School, LDI (Leadership Development Initiative for clergy not meeting expectations), and AP Leadership (Apostolic Path Leadership Program)


  • Christ-centered and Christ-like
  • Open to listening and learning from the faith experiences of others with different theological views
  • Accepting and inclusive of people of other races and cultures
  • Punctual
  • Unifying
  • Joyful in spirit
  • A self-starter
  • Cooperative, collaborative, committed to the vision, mission, beliefs and values of GNJ
  • A person of moral integrity and strong work ethic
  • Committed to excellence
  • Life-long learner


  • Ability to motivate and influence people to achieve positive results
  • Possess a vision for mission and cultural competence and ability to inspire others through the vision
  • A team player
  • Ability to mentor and coach
  • A strategic thinker
  • Ability to design and lead engaging workshops, and facilitate peer learning groups
  • Comfortable and confident interacting with diverse groups of laity and clergy
  • A strong planner, administrator, communicator and supervision

Organizational Ability:   

  • Planning with the end result in mind
  • Ability to effectively lead cross functional teams
  • Effective and efficient in performing administrative tasks
  • Timely in completing tasks  
  • An effective communicator – both written and oral
  • Proactive in following through


  • Master’s Degree or equivalent experience in any of the areas of theology, the arts, education, mission or other church, human and organizational areas.
  • Professional/ Ministry Coaching training preferred.


  • Successful leadership in a local United Methodist Church and GNJ elected leadership position
  • Ten or more years of effective leadership in a congregation and or organization
  • Successfully coordinated large projects, developed and managed a budget
  • Served in a large complex system
  • An understanding and experience with strategic planning
  • Knowledge of and skill in leadership development, evaluation, organization, and human resources
  • Successful work with a variety of cultures

Travel: The position requires some evening and weekend responsibilities, extensive travel within the Greater New Jersey Region, and some travel outside the region.

Office: The director works from 205 Jumping Brook Road, Neptune, NJ except when traveling.

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