Communications Manager

January 12, 2022 | Job Opportunities

Classification: Exempt
Band Description: Manager
Supervisor: Director of Connectional Ministries

GNJ employees through their work help fulfill our mission: recruit and develop transformational leaders to make disciples and grow vital congregations to transform the world. GNJ values as an organization and in its employees

  • innovation and risk taking
  • excellence in its ministry and service
  • compassionate and just service
  • diversity
  • collaboration

United Methodists of Greater New Jersey view all employees as leaders who are critical to the mission, capable of growth and valued.

Position Summary
The Communications Manager is responsible for all messaging, marketing and content for United Methodists of Greater New Jersey in collaboration with the Director of Connectional Ministries. As a writer and editor, they will craft and create messages and campaigns for internal and external communications ensuring that the mission and strategic goals of GNJ are consistent, clear and engaging. This position manages the work and projects of the Communications Team to develop a collaborative, team-oriented approach to all projects, programs, campaigns and media. The role requires overseeing the execution of high-impact communications programs which are achieved when the team works together to focus on the moving forward the mission of GNJ.

Essential Functions

  • Supervise the Communications Team using a collaborative, team-oriented approach through team meetings and cross-functional teams.
  • Plan, manage and supervise the design, content, production and distribution of all communications materials and campaigns so that strategic goals of GNJ are consistent, clear, and engaging.
  • Create and maintain an editorial calendar so that churches and staff get timely communication for conference and denomination materials.
  • Produce and distribute written material to support GNJ events and activities for internal and external audiences so that GNJ shares and engages people in its mission.
  • Oversee monthly newspaper so that strategic goals are reflected, production values are excellent and budget ensures GNJ is a good steward of resources.
  • Manage, curate, and track the weekly e-newsletter by producing relevant content and engaging links that reflect the mission, events, updates and important information for GNJ audiences.
  • Balance and weigh written and visual content to be inclusive of ministries and people in each region and district so that GNJ materials reflect diversity, intercultural competency and theological differences within our conference.
  • Assist with creating and managing public relations and media relations campaigns, including writing press releases, responding to media inquiries, monitoring and tracking media mentions.
  • Serve as a project manager for the Communications Team and other projects to support

Organization Responsibilities

  • Participate in Staff Management Team
  • Participate in the Interview Team
  • Serve as a participant or project manager for projects as assigned
  • Related communications duties such as social media support, photography, etc.
  • Assist in GNJ meetings and events.

Core Competencies

  • Committed to continuously grow in intercultural competence
  • Build and maintain relationships that are rooted in honesty, integrity and honor confidentiality
  • Work cooperatively with others to produce innovative solutions
  • Communicate clearly and accurately, in writing and orally, with unifying messages that motivates people to action
  • Attend to details and deadlines
  • Manage performance of team members, setting clear measurable goals
  • Prioritize and manage projects
  • Understand complex systems and organizations and lead people through change, disruption and difference
  • Find and identify patterns and themes while evaluating data to reach conclusions
  • Identify trends in media to keep delivery methods current


  • Five to seven years’ experience in communications, media, journalism or a related field.
  • High level of expertise in writing, product development and management; project management experience preferred.
  • A good understanding of general practices, methods and procedures related to public relations, media relations and marketing.
  • Competent and skilled in Microsoft Office Suite, e-marketing and social media
  • Three to five years’ experience in supervising individuals in a corporate or non-profit organization

Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or public relations with an emphasis on writing and or reporting

The position requires some evening and weekend responsibilities and some travel beyond the office. The position works from the main office in Neptune, NJ.