Miracles Everywhere: Generosity

This all new Miracles Everywhere Worship Series based on miracles in the Gospels of John and Luke, has been developed for use in congregations participating in the Miracles Everywhere Campaign. The intention is that you will run your local church Annual Stewardship Campaign concurrently with the Miracles Everywhere Campaign.

Each of the four weeks focuses on a different area of the campaign, for example the Week 1 focus is the Tanzania partnership. Each week you will want to add your local church ministry focus as well.

Resources available in this Worship Series are:

  • liturgy and music suggestions
  • children’s sermons
  • offering introduction
  • sermon notes.

Worship Series

Week 1 – Great Catch
Scripture: Luke 5:1-11
Description: We all get sick of going through the motions. So did followers of Jesus in the 1st Century. His message to them and us is clear: go deeper and you’ll have a great catch.

Week 1 – Preaching Resources 
Children’s Sermon Miracles Everywhere
Week 1 – Video Bumper – Great Catch

Week 2 – When the Miracle Doesn’t Happen
Scripture: John 11:1-44
Description: Have you ever felt like God didn’t step in and help? Maybe you prayed and it seemed as though God was silent. Maybe you experienced tragedy or loss. What do we do then?

Week 2 – Worship Resources 
Week 2 – Preaching Resources 
Children’s Sermon Miracles Everywhere
Week 2 – Video Bumper – When the Miracle Doesn’t Happen

Week 3 – Unstuck Together
Scripture: Luke 5:17-26
Great things happen when God’s people work together. While you may feel isolated or alone; remember that God is present and works through friends, congregations and communities. To get unstuck, you might just need 4 friends to help.

Week 3 – Preaching Resources 
Children’s Sermon Miracles Everywhere
Week 3 – Video Bumper – Unstuck Together

Week 4 – Everyone Has a Gift
Scripture: John 6:1-15

God can provide from the most ordinary places. God used one boy’s lunch to feed thousands. Each one of us has a small gift that we can offer. Together, God multiplies our gifts and performs miracles. This week we will consecrate our Miracles Everywhere campaign offering.

Week 4 – Preaching Resources
Children’s Sermon Miracles Everywhere
Week 4 – Video Bumper – Everyone Has a Gift