Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022 | 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The Foundational Leadership Training is designed for church officers, committee and team leaders, and people engaged in various ministries of the church to provide foundational understanding and leadership skills. Two workshop sessions provide the opportunity for participants to choose different options to learn about their area of ministry and other more general leadership skills. All workshops will take place via ZOOM and are open to both clergy and laity. Please note that not all workshops are offered in both sessions. Pre-registration is required.

Schedule for the Day

9:00 a.m. | Workshop Session 1
10:30 a.m. | Break
11:00 a.m. | Workshop Session 2
12:30 p.m. | Adjourn

Session 1 Workshops:

Administrative Workshops:

  • Fewer Meetings, More Ministry: The One Board Model for Church Administration
  • Finance Committee Workshop
  • The Work of the Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • Board of Trustees: What Should I Look Out For?
  • Nominations Committee

Ministry Workshops:

  • Keeping Parishioners Safe
  • Pathways to Congregational Development
  • Exploring Alternative Streams of Income
  • Children’s Ministry: Back and Open Sunday School
  • It’s Not Just Sundays: Church Growth in a Hybrid Context
  • Conflict Resolution

Session 2 Workshops:

Administrative Workshops:

  • Fewer Meetings, More Ministry: The One Board Model for Church Administration
  • The Work of the Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • Board of Trustees: What Should I Look Out For?

Ministry Workshops:

  • Grant Writing
  • Exploring Alternative Streams of Income
  • Youth and Young Adults (YAYA) Ministry “Project Groups”
  • It’s Not Just Sundays: Church Growth in a Hybrid Context
  • Conflict Resolution

Workshop Descriptions

Fewer Meetings, More Ministry: The One Board Model for Church Administration

steven bechtold, skylands, district superintendentFacilitator: Rev. Steve Bechtold

This workshop guides church leaders in creating a simplified structure for your congregation’s administrative ministries that is consistent with the Book of Discipline, provides a more streamlined process, and frees congregations to invest more time in creating ministry for Jesus Christ.

Finance Committee Workshop

rob zuckermanFacilitator: Rob Zuckerman

In this session we will review the finance committee’s role in the financial vitality of congregations, including:

  • Financial reporting
  • Internal controls
  • Budgeting
  • Other best practices

The Work of the Staff Parish Relations Committee

eunice vega perezFacilitator: Rev. Eunice Vega-Perez

 The SPRC has an important role in the life of the church as it deals with personnel matters and is the liaison between the church and the District Superintendent. This workshop will cover the responsibilities of the SPRC, guidelines for dealing with conflict, and outline the committee’s role in the appointment making process.

Board of Trustees: What Should I Look Out For?

Facilitator: Mr. Tracy Estes

This discussion will cover the overall responsibilities for being a member of the local church Board of Trustees.  Topics will include steps to take in caring for your church, having a list of contractors at hand, keeping track of maintenance upkeep, developing a 10-year maintenance plan, overseeing outside user groups, monthly inspections, security precautions, and other associated topics.


william williamsFacilitator: Rev. Williams M. Williams, III

An effective committee on nominations and leader development identifies, develops, deploys, evaluates, and monitors Christian spiritual leadership so that the congregation carries out the ministries for transformation of the community. In this training, we will discuss best practices for creating and leading an effective nominations team.

Keeping Parishioners Safe

Facilitator: Dr. Lisa Oldham

In this workshop we will explore how to best keep your church’s parishioners safe. We will discuss how to assess your church’s access points, safety concerns, and how to run active shooter drills. We will also review general awareness and preparedness suggestions for both at home and in your community. This workshop is being offered by Dr. Lisa Oldham, PhD, member of Midvale UMC since 1988 and certified lay servant. Lisa is currently the Chief Nursing Officer of a 27-facility health system in New York state.

Pathways to Congregational Development

Gina YeskeFacilitator: Rev. Gina Yeske

United Methodists of Greater New Jersey wants your congregation to have a great future. The Pathways to Congregational Development is your course to discern God’s calling and plan for your congregation. Healthy congregations that are connected and engaged missionally with the people in the community are bearers of God’s love as experienced through the life of Jesus Christ. Pathways will help you get there and along the way will carry your congregation toward becoming more sustainable, vital, and culturally competent. Come learn more about this important step towards a hope filled future.

Exploring Alternative Streams of Income

Jana Purkish-BrashFacilitator: Rev. Jana Purkis Brash

In this workshop we will look at why the Sunday worship offering may not be enough to fund the church’s ministry. Then, we will explore creating multiple streams of income to expand your mission and ministry including grants, property development, 501c3’s, and community engagement. Get ready to think differently about raising money for ministry!

Children’s Ministry: Back and Open Sunday School

Facilitator: Rev. Rosie Eun Young Pang

During the pandemic year, New Dover UMC Sunday School transitioned to virtual Sunday School at the rescue of the dedicated teachers. We zoomed throughout the entire school year. Then, this September, once again the church had to make a big decision to switch back. So, what did we do? This church did all that we could to go “Back and Open Sunday School” both ways: virtual and in-person. It’s challenging. And it’s life-changing! This workshop is being led by Rev. Rosie Eun Young Pang, associate pastor and youth director of the New Dover UMC and member of the GNJAC Council on Youth Ministries.

It’s Not Just Sundays: Church Growth in a Hybrid Context

Facilitator: Rev. Jevon Caldwell-Gross

A recent study predicted that 40 percent of church members will not be returning to their congregations. While this is a staggering prediction, it provides a greater sense of urgency for every congregation to rethink how they are engaging with their current members but to also reimagine their strategy to reach new persons. Because let’s face it, church is now in-person and online. This training is designed to equip churches and leaders to be effective in a hybrid ministry context to increase engagement and expand their reach. This will aid in developing common language, shared values, and explore practical methods of growing the present-future church.

  • Exploring cultural trends that we define the future-present church
  • Using digital platforms to create community with existing members while reaching new demographics.
  • Moving from a growth mindset of 52 weeks to 365 days
  • Mobilizing and recruiting new volunteers to support new strategies

Conflict Resolution

sang won dohNicola MulliganFacilitators: Rev. Sang Won Doh & Nicola Mulligan

Conflict can be a catalyst for renewal, health, and change and serve as a mechanism for growth. At other times, however, conflict can be destructive and cause serious dissension. A clear and healthy process for working through conflict empowers a congregation to move forward in the midst of the challenges and increase faithfulness and fruitfulness. Join us in exploring how to address conflict in healthy ways.

Grant Writing

Gina Yeskewilliam williamsFacilitators: Rev. Gina Yeske & Rev. William M. Williams, III

This workshop will off the basics of how to write grant applications that can help your church access funds which may be available to you. We will discuss how developing these skills can work for your church to better engage your community and start new ministries. This workshop will address the guidelines of proposals, help you effectively write the key elements, and write smart goals.

Youth and Young Adults (YAYA) Ministry: “Project Groups”

Facilitator: Rev. Rosie Eun Young Pang

Youth group and especially the young adults in the church often lose their place and purpose in the overall congregation because of the invisible gaps. People often think teenagers and those in their 20-30’s do not mix very well with the general public. MYTH! Youth and young adults love to mingle and meet, not just among their peers but also with other folks in the church. There are many ways to blur intergenerational gaps in the church. We will discuss “Project Groups (PG)” that can help your youth and young adults move from quantitative loss to fundamental growth.