Does the SPRC have authority to give a clergy appraisal?
Yes, according to the Book of Discipline, one of the responsibilities of the SPRC committee is to: To provide evaluation at least annually for the use of the pastors(s) and staff in an ongoing effective ministry and for identifying continuing educational needs and plans. ¶258.2g(5)

Should the whole committee meet with the clergy to review the appraisal? It is suggested only two or three members meet with the pastor to review the appraisal

Can I talk to someone in preparation in meeting with the pastor to share the evaluation?
Yes, please contact Nicola Mulligan.

Can the appraisal be altered once the document has been shared with the pastor?
The document should not to be edited after sharing it with the pastor. The pastor may respond in writing to the appraisal and send that response to the SPRC and Nicola Mulligan.

How will this appraisal be used?
The appraisal is developed as a tool for the SPRC and pastor to bring clarity to the pastor’s ministry. The document can also be used by the superintendent during one on one meetings with the pastors during the summer. It is not a tool for discerning pastoral appointments.

How can I access the clergy development plan?
The clergy development plan may be accessed here.

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