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Learning Moment | 2021 Adjourned Annual Conference Session

Past Courses:

January 2022: Statistical Report Training

All pastors of local churches need to submit each year, a year-end statistical report by January 31, 2022. To help clergy complete these reports, GNJ’s Finance and Administration Team will be holding a statistical training. No registration necessary.

2021 Statistical Training Presentation

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November 2021: Be a Leader, Lead a Leader – Small Group Hybrid Training

Small groups are not an event; they are a way of being the church. This three session course will include ways to develop as a leader and lead leaders of small groups. You will cast a vision for a yearlong plan for small group ministry, learn ways to recruit and equip laity to lead, as well as skills for online facilitation. You will explore small group resources on a variety of topics.

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November 2021: Local Church & Community: Building Missional Relationships

Building relationships to engage hands-on mission is essential to live out the church’s mission to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” This three session course will aid you in identifying community partnerships for collaboration, understanding the steps, challenges and hurdles of implementation, and developing an action plan for ministry. 

October 2021: Breakthrough Advent Planning Workshop

Advent is one of the most cherished seasons in the church year, but it is also one of the busiest! Plan ahead for meaningful worship this Advent with this one session workshop that will provide ideas, information and time for workshopping with others. We will be exploring the new Advent worship series, God With Us. 

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October 2021: Building a Healthy Church-Staff Culture

Being a clergy, staff or member of the staff parish relations committee in a multi-staff church has many joys and challenges. In this three session course we will address the basics for creating a healthy work culture. You will leave with actionable steps to take to build a healthy church culture.

October 2021: Simplified One Board Model

The Simplified One Board Model is one that congregations of all sizes have moved to, across the country. Those participating in this three evening course will learn a step-by-step process for discerning and possible implementation of the shift to a One Board Model. You will hear from several congregations that have made the transition to this model.

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Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Course Materials:
Power Point presentation, for Session 1, by the Rev. Dr. Steven Bechtold
Three Phases Simplified Accountability Model Process Stages
The “Discerning WHY & 5 Factors worksheet” to be completed for Session 2

October 2021: Launching a Stewardship Campaign

Growing in the spiritual discipline of generosity helps individuals grow in discipleship and assists the congregation in making ministry come alive! This course will take place over three evenings and will provide your church steps to take for a wholistic stewardship campaign. You will leave with a timeline for implementing an annual giving campaign and create ways to engage church leadership.

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May 2021: Preparing a Balanced Budget

Registration is now closed for this event.
Churches are entrusted with financial resources for mission and ministry. A well-developed, balanced budget assists church leaders in ensuring that resources develop life-changing ministry. In this course you will review your church’s income and expenses, gather your church’s budget information and budget requests, identify projected income, create a budget spreadsheet, and develop a process for living within the budget. At the course’s completion your church will have a process for creating and living into a balanced budget.

This two-week course is recommended for finance committee chairpersons, treasurers, church council chairpersons and pastors. While not necessary, it is recommended that a team from a congregation attend this course together.

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Session 1
Session 2

Course Materials:
Preparing a Balanced Budget
Preparing a Balanced Budget II
Sample Church Monthly Budget

Facilitated by: Rev. Jana Purkis-Brash, Executive Director of the Stewardship Foundation

February 2021: Missional Engagement that Opens Hearts, Minds and Doors

The church has been called by God to engage in mission. It is through mission we grow closer to God, our community, and one another as we work to transform the world. In this workshop series, you will learn best practices for engaging in mission that is relational, transformative, and utilizes the gifts and assets of your church and community. You will leave with a mission plan to share with your mission committee and church leadership, as well as resources for encouraging and engaging in mission.

This course is recommended for mission and outreach committees, clergy and those interested in developing hands-on mission in their communities.

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Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Course Materials:
Mission Planning Questions
Mission Resources
Missional Engagement | Session 1 PowerPoint
Missional Engagement | Session 2 PowerPoint
Missional Engagement | Session 3 PowerPoint

November 2020: Making Worship Work Behind the Scenes

This course focuses on best practices in worship technology and developing a team. We will evaluate current use of technology in worship and create a customized worship plan to embrace something new. Then learn best practices and incorporating worship technology as part of an overall experience. Lastly develop leadership skills as we discuss taking your team to the next level through communication, recruitment and organization.

This course is recommended for churches who are considering improving their worship technology, digital ministry and worship team practices.

Course Materials:
Making Worship Work | Session 1 PowerPoint
Making Worship Work | Session 2 PowerPoint
Making Worship Work | Session 3 PowerPoint
Plan Template
Course Resources

October 2020: Navigating Worship in the New Day

As new dynamics in worship arise for our churches in this new day, this course addresses:

  • Hybrid worship, live worship (live-streamed in different size settings), along with engaging congregants, preaching and leading in the hybrid service.
  • Hospitality in the new normal
  • Intertwining worship presentation software and OBS studio for live streaming and recording
  • Worship media: licensing and resources for products
  • This course is recommended for worship committees, musicians and pastors.

Watch the Recorded Sessions:
Week 1 – Music | Hospitality | Outreach
Week 2 – Livestreaming | Worship Presentation | Engaging People
Week 3 – Preaching/Leading | Setting a Standard | Creating Rhythms | Ideas | Budgeting

Read the presentation: Navigating Worship in the New Day Final Presentation

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