Please read page in its entirety in preparation for each session.

You are responsible for purchasing your own books unless otherwise noted. Books can be purchased on Cokesbury, Amazon and may be the bound or digital version.

Texts to Bring to Each Session

You may seek to borrow the below UMC texts from your church or pastor.

Pre-Work Resourcing Assignments | Session Two – March 4 and 5

Step 1:

For those enrolled in Session Two, prior to class:

By February 25, Upload your sermon to your folder. If you need assistance uploading your sermon contact Joanne Sullivan,

  • Title your document “Sermon by Your First and Last Name”
  • Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced with your name on each page.
  • A manuscript of a 10-15 minute original sermon that you are prepared to preach on ZOOM in class based on ONE of the identified scriptures from the Breakthrough series Road Trip.
  • Consider using the preaching feedback form to receive feedback on your sermon from someone before submission.
  • Read the expectations for your preaching delivery.

Step 2:

Complete Discipleship Ministries Video Resource:
How to Have a Courageous Conversation: Racism | Click here for the course

This takes 5 – 10 hours to complete.

Step 3:

Set a time to meet with your covenant group once before the next meeting. At the meeting with your covenant discuss the following:

Scripture Reflection 

  • Read Psalm 100 and consider the following:
  • What from this scripture speaks to you? Why?
  • What is this scripture inviting you to do, be or change?
  • How is the congregation you serve or attend living out this scripture?

Looking Back on Session One

  • Based on the conversation in worship from the last class, describe your church’s worship style.
  • Name two things you learned from session one of Local Pastor School. How might you as a pastor implement one practice you learned in your congregation?

Looking Forward to Session Two

  • Share about a small group experience that was impactful in your faith journey. Think out of the box as small groups just don’t happen in church settings.

Step 4:

Suggested Reference Resource for learning in Session 2:
Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth
by Joy Thornburg Melton | Click here to purchase from Amazon

Pre-Work Resourcing Assignments | Session Three – March 25 and 26

For those enrolled to Session Three, prior to class:

Pre-Work Resourcing Assignments | Session Four – April 29 and 30 

For those enrolled in Session 4, prior to class:

By April 25th 

Select an obituary of someone that you do not know. Write a funeral sermon based on the obituary. Include the printed obituary and scripture before the sermon. Sermons should be double spaced in 12-point font of Times New Roman. Make sure your first and last name is on each page. Upload your sermon to your online folder by April 25th. If you need access to the folder, please email Joanne Sullivan at

Prior to April 29th 


  • Read articles/readings found in the provided ‘Required UMC Polity Readings’ Packet
  • Bring Book of Discipline 2016 & Book of Resolutions 2016 (if possible)


Book Purchase (as a Basic Primer in UM Polity):

  • Anne L. Burkholder and Thomas W. Elliot, Jr., Quick and Easy Guide to United Methodist Polity (Nashville: Wesley’s Foundery Books [General Board of Higher Education and Ministry], 2018). Found on Amazon here OR found on GBHEM here.
  • “Supplemental UMC Polity Reading” Packet has optional additional readings for future study in polity

UMC Theology

Purchase and read Rueben Job’s Three Simple Rules A Wesleyan Way of Living found here.

  • Read the 4 following Wesley’s Sermons found on this link

“Christian Perfection,” “Catholic Spirit,” “The Use of Money” “The Duty of Constant Communion”

  • Review the following 4 hymns found in the UMC Hymnal, and bring the hymnal to class:

By Charles Wesley, “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling,” “Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown,” “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing”; By Georgia Harkness, “Hope of the World.”

  • Read the provided article by Pamela Lightsey from I’m Black. I’m Christian. I’m Methodist., edited by Rudy Rasmus.

Covenant Group

  • Meet with your covenant and complete assignment found here.

Concluding Local Pastor School Assignment | Due by May 10th