Fellowship Application Class of 2025

The LAPI program is a 10-month certificate program with multiple activities (February through November). As a grant-funded program, there is no cost to participants. The program is not remedial; it is designed for preachers at whatever level who want to improve their preaching to their perceived “next” level. The program includes the following components:

  • An in-person preaching summit (1.5 days in person in February or March)
  • Cohorts of ten preachers, each, with a facilitator/coach (2 hours per month via Zoom)
  • Individual coaching and instruction (Zoom or in-person)
  • Self-paced online classes offered through the Leadership Academy
  • Creating and using a listener feedback group in your preaching context

The estimated weekly time commitment for participating in this 10-month program is approximately two hours each week. Participants are expected to commit to this time as a requirement for entry into the program. Please confirm that you commit to this time requirement. If you cannot commit to full participation in the program for the next calendar year, please consider applying in 2026.