Please read page in its entirety in preparation for each session.

Texts to Bring to Each Session

  1. The United Methodist Book of Worship | Click here
  2. The United Methodist Hymnal | Click here
  3. The Book of Discipline 2016 | Click here
  4. Bible

Also, if you have a laptop or tablet, it is recommended that you bring it to class. This will provide you access to resources that may be used during some of the lectures.

By January 25 the first session’s reading will be mailed to you.  

Pre-Work Resourcing Assignments | Session One - February 7-8

For Session One, prior to the first class:

  • Read Module 1 “Call and Covenant for Ministry”
  • Read Module 2 “The Practice of Ministry” Sections 1 and 2, pages 1 – 54
  • Also prior to February 1st all students should submit to Beverly Karlovich the following typed document in Times New Roman, 12pt font and double spaced:
  1. A 500 word biographical reflection paper that includes your strengths and growing edges in ministry.
  2. A 250 – 500 word reflection paper on a personal experience related to either baptism or communion. It could be something you experienced yourself, or something you saw, heard or felt on behalf of someone else.

Pre-Work Resourcing Assignments | Session Two - March 6-7

For Session Two, prior to class:

  • Read Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth, 2008 edition, by Joy Thomburg Melton | Click here
  • Read Module 3 Organization for Ministry Sections 1 and 2, pages 1 – 54

Bring with you to class the below assignments typed in Times New Roman and double spaced.

  • Two copies of a manuscript of a 10 minute original sermon, which you are prepared to preach in class based on ONE of the identified scriptures.
  • A bulletin written for the sermon you are preaching.
  • 250 word summary of a conflicted situation that is in need of resolution in your local church.

Pre-Work Resourcing Assignments | Session Three - April 3-4

For those enrolled in Session Three, prior to class:

  • Read Module 2 The Practice of Ministry Section 4, pages 83 – 117.
  • Read Safe Sanctuaries for Ministers: Best Practices and Ethical Decisions by Joy Thornburg Melton. Text will be provided during session two.
  • Read A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen. Text will be provided to you during session two.
  • Bring to class your church 2020 budget.

After the completion of Session Three:

  • Select an obituary of someone that you do not know. Write a funeral sermon based on the obituary. Include the printed obituary and scripture before the sermon. Sermons should be double spaced in 12 point font of Times New Roman. Make sure your first and last name is on each page. Submit your sermons to Beverly Karlovich by May 1.

Pre-Work Resourcing Assignments | Session Four - June 12-13

In Session Four, prior to class:

  • Read Living Our Beliefs by Kenneth L. Carder. Text will be mailed to you after session three.
  • Read United Methodist Questions, United Methodist Answers by Belton Joyner | Text will be mailed to you after session three.
  • Read Module 2 The Practice of Ministry Section 3, pages 55 – 82
  • For reading in Module 2 materials on this link are referenced here.
  • Read Module 3 Organization for Ministry Section 2, pages 22 – 40
  • Read Module 4 Connection for Ministry Sections 1, 2 and 3 pages 1 – 23

Other resources that may be helpful to reference during CLM sessions

Click here | “This Holy Mystery” by Gayle Felton. (Scroll down to the bottom of the link for the PDF download.)
Click here | “By Water and the Spirit” by Gayle Felton. (Scroll down to the bottom of the link for the PDF download.)